A To Do List for Startup Founders Seeking Venture Capital

Peter Weddle

Investment activity in the HR technology landscape hit $2.4 billion across 383 deals in 2015. That’s a 62% growth in funding compared to 2014 and a 707% growth compared to 2011. The job market continues to grow as the economy rebounds from our most recent recession period, and the Civilian labor force continues to reach all time highs, according to the BLS. In fact, LinkedIn found that 44% of companies say they will spend more on hiring than they did last year. 

It couldn’t be a better time to start a business in Talent Acquisition Technology. However, the lucrative opportunities this industry brings doesn’t mean investors will swoon over anything. Even the smallest gut feeling can turn investors away from you, so look into every nook and cranny of your entire operation with these 5 To Dos.

How to effectively seek venture capital as a startup founder:


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