Elon, the robot who wants you to work

Peter Weddle

An artificial intelligence, Elon, integrated into a job search site and able to select the best offers according to the history, the curriculum vitae and the tastes of the user.


Neuvoo, a Montreal-based company in 2011 with approximately 200 employees in 64 countries, has more than 30 million jobs on its site. It is an aggregator that collects offers from other sites such as Workopolis and Jobboom, the Career Sections of large companies and the more discrete ones of small businesses. Its 330,000 job offers in Canada make it the number one site. Its turnover is 6 million.

With Elon, we combine the customization of a human resources specialist with the big data of the five-year history of job searches. – Benjamin Philion, Founding Partner and Product Manager of Neuvoo.


Like all directories, the Neuvoo site offers search results based primarily on keywords and certain criteria – location, salary. “It works to a certain extent, but the biggest challenge for job seekers is to express what they want,” says Mr. Philion.

 Moreover, as 80% of the site’s visit comes from mobile devices, the user “does not want to type long texts or does not have a package of documents with him”.

For the past two or three years, Phillion and his associates Lucas Martinez and Maxim Droux have decided to take advantage of the recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, including those made available to the public by Google teams, to make Neuvoo smarter.

The result: Elon, an assistant offered as a pilot project to some users in the United States. “He has a personality, he’s going to smile, he notes the jobs you’ve watched, picks up those that you’ve set aside: he’s there to guide the user,” explains Lucas Martinez, marketing director.

“And the beauty of the thing is that he is constantly learning. ”

The first observation is that people who use Elon seem to click more often on the offers, spend half as much time entering information and have a “higher commitment rate in the short term,” says Philion.


In the medium term, after the adjustments that will be revealed by the pilot project, Elon will be made available in all countries. Neuvoo is currently experiencing accelerated growth in the order of 10 to 15% each month and hopes to establish itself solidly with the use of artificial intelligence, which is presented as the first experiment of its kind for a research site of ” employment.

Karim Benessaieh @KarimBai
Published on 09 March 2017, http://affaires.lapresse.ca/
VP, Strategic Development at TAtech

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