Job Board Journalist: The 4 Dynamics of Today’s Job Board Industry

Peter Weddle

Today’s job board industry is being shaped by four powerful dynamics. The dictionary defines a dynamic as “a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.” These forces are both altering our present – recasting it into something different from what we have known even in the recent past – and transforming our future – moving us into dimensions we do not yet fully comprehend. Our goal, therefore, should be to define and understand them as best we can so that we are prepared to mitigate any damage they could inflict on our organizations and leverage them in ways that will reinforce and advance our position in the market.

The 4 dynamics are:
• Innovation
• Disruption
• Integration
• Capitalization
This column will take a look at innovation and disruption, while next week’s will address integration and capitalization. All four will be explored in detail at the TAtech Fall Congress & World Job Board Forum on September 27-29, 2017 in Denver, Colorado USA. The two-day conference (spread over three days) will devote a half-day to each of the dynamics using Keynotes, Plenary Presentations, Panels and Peer2Peer Discussions to deliver a truly informative and useful conference experience.


Innovation is a word that trips lightly off the tongue, but what is it exactly? And who decides?

Seldom does a week goes by without multiple announcements of talent acquisition products that are described as innovative. Some base their claim on the fact that they’ve attracted investment funding, while others point to the leap forward they’ve achieved in technological capability.

While there’s some logic to both of those points of view, the only arbiter of innovation who counts is the customer, and for them, innovation in technology is defined as one of two outcomes:
• It produces capabilities they didn’t know they needed or could use to their benefit.
• It produces capabilities they know they want but have previously been unable to obtain.

However, even achieving one of those outcomes does not, in and of itself, ensure marketplace success. There’s a second criterion at play – the produced capability must also be useful to the customer in a meaningful way. It must make a real and, in the best of all cases, measurable impact on their ability to do their jobs effectively and/or efficiently … or it’s unlikely to achieve widespread adoption and sustained use.

Determining which product developments meet both of those criteria and thus deserve prioritization and support is one of the primary challenges facing each company’s leaders today and into the future.


Job boards began as disruptive agents. They reduced print classifieds to an afterthought in the talent acquisition market. Now, a host of new disruptive agents have appeared on the scene – mobile, AI and machine learning, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Randstadt and Recruit and programmatic ad buying, to name just a few – and each has the potential to disrupt a job board business in a similarly devastating way.

So, what’s to be done?

One strategy, of course, is to ignore the challenge, call it a fad, and hope it goes away. As newspapers learned, that’s a short path to disaster.

Another strategy is to resist until the bitter end. This approach might sustain survival – at least for awhile – but ultimately, it too leads to defeat.

The only viable strategy is to deal with disruption – to recognize it, accept it AND not be intimidated by it. You see, disruption is the flip side of change, and there’s no disputing that change has become the new normal in our industry.

Job seeker behaviors, customer preferences, market players and technology itself are all now constantly morphing. Either a company keeps up or, like the last animal in a herd, it gets consumed by the predators in the market. Either it embraces disruption and puts it to work for its own strategic goals or it becomes the victim of some other company’s disruption.

Figuring out how to how to harness the power of disruption while avoiding its dangers is a second and equally important challenge for company leaders in the talent acquisition technology industry.

As noted above, the TAtech Fall Congress & World Job Board Forum on September 27-29, 2017 in Denver, Colorado USA is designed to give business leaders the information and insights they need to capture the power and promise of both innovation and disruption in talent acquisition technology. It will be a truly unique forum for honing one’s vision and refining one’s blueprint for success

Food for thought,

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