Job Board Journalist: Interview With TAtechEurope Speaker Tycho van Passen, CEO of

Peter Weddle

TAtechEurope, the leading conference in Europe for talent acquisition technology companies and their customers, will be held in the conference center of Croke Park Stadium, Home of the Gaelic Games, on March 13-14 in Dublin, Ireland.

The conference is open to all technology companies, agencies and publishers worldwide as well as to HR and Talent Acquisition professionals in corporate enterprises, staffing firms and RPOs.

As you can see from the Agenda, one of the unique features of TAtechEurope will be the caliber of the presenters – to a person, they are the real experts in talent acquisition technology. So, over the next several weeks, I’ll use my Job Board Journalist post to introduce several of them to you. Without further ado, I’m please to introduce you to Tycho van Passen, Co-Founder & CEO of

Tell us a little about your background and how you got involved with the talent acquisition solutions industry.
I’m the founder of VONQ, a recruitment marketing tech company originally founded in the Netherlands. My co-founder was working at a recruitment agency when he found out that a lot of the recruitment advertising was done by recruiters without any marketing background or interest in seeing further opportunities combining the two. This was also the original inspiration for developing the Job Marketing Platform which today helps recruiters to market their jobs on the right online channels and therefore – reaching the right audience.

You’re the co-founder of How long has the company been in operation and what does it do?
We founded VONQ in 2006. Today, we are 100+ colleagues from 15 nationalities and we focus on enabling companies to recruit active and passive job seekers. Basically, VONQ is for recruitment ads what Expedia is for Hotels. Our AI-powered Job Marketing Platform provides bespoke media recommendations for every type of job worldwide. With an international network of +2.000 pre-contracted online channels (e.g. Facebook, Indeed, Stepstone, LinkedIn, StackOverflow) we enable our clients to buy and distribute their job ads to the best performing websites. In other words, we help recruiters focus on targeting the right talent only. A great advantage of the Job Marketing Platform is that it can seamlessly integrate with most of the enterprise ATS out there and can therefore be used by and be of huge benefit to many of the Fortune 500 companies.

You’re going to be speaking about recruitment marketing at TAtechEurope. Without giving away the store, what are some of the points you’ll be covering?
Recruitment marketing is steadily shifting towards a pay-per-performance model, eventually even towards a pay per hire such. To have a competitive advantage with such models it’s essential to have plenty of solid recruitment data at stock. Next to this, recruitment technologies will have seamless integrations to optimize their performance data and improve the customer experience.

Connectivity and AI-powered technology are the foundation for future success!

In your view, what’s the single greatest challenge facing our industry today?
The power of Google, Facebook and Amazon. On the bright side, if one is smart enough it can be also turned into an opportunity. 🙂

And, equally as important, what do you think is the industry’s greatest opportunity going forward?
If I need to be very specific, I’d say it is again about predictive hiring, i.e. the ability to predict upfront the number of applicants and hires. This is also what currently our efforts on VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform are focused on.

On a macro level, however, it is undoubtedly working towards a great customer experience! The industry as a whole needs to work towards seamless integrations between technologies where customers can benefit from having the best functionality from various solutions!

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TAprose and Job Board Journalist by Peter Weddle are brought to you by TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions.

Mark Your Calendars! TAtech’s 2018 events include:

• February 12-13, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona USA: The TAtech Leadership Summit on AI/Machine Learning in Talent Acquisition – the only conference totally focused on the capabilities and impact of AI/ML/NLP in recruitment.

• March 13-14, 2018 Dublin, Ireland: TAtechEurope 2018 – the premier event for recruitment advertising and technology thought & business leaders in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

• April 18-19, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada USA: The TAtech Spring Congress & Meetup – a unique conference designed to maximize opportunities for B2B networking, trending topic discussions and the exploration of partnerships and business opportunities.

• June 5-6, 2018 Minneapolis, Minnesota USA: The TAtech Leadership Summit on Programmatic Ad Buying – the only conference totally focused on the technology and applications of programmatic ad buying by both publishers and advertisers.

• September 26-27, 2018 Bourbon Street New Orleans, Louisiana USA: The TAtech Fall Congress & World Job Board Forum – the only conference that brings together the global thought and business leaders of the TA technology industry.


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