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2016 TAtech Industry Congress

[view] Ane Ohm – Optimizing Recruiter Experience

[view] Carol McDaniel Keynote – Hello … From the Other Side

[view] Michael Hennessy Keynote – Talent Acquisition in the Digital Frontier

[view] Andy Katz – Jobseeker Experience and Behavior


2015 IAEWS Fall Congress

[view] Congress Introduction & Agenda

[view] Matt Plummer – Coming to a Site Near You: Programmatic Ad Buying

[view] Panel – Strategies & Tactics for Data Security

[view] Terry Baker & Peter Weddle – Who’s Who in Recruiting Innovation: Recap of the 2015 ReSI Winners

[view] Ted Daywalt & Lindsay Stanton – What Employers Need & Expect: preparing for a Government Audit

[view] Ambassador Dell Dailey – Recruiting Special Talent

[view] Peter Weddle – Raising Our Horizons: The Talent Acquisition Solutions Industry


2015 IAEWS Spring Congress

[view] Congress Introduction & Agenda

[view] 2015 IAEWS-Job Board Doctor Global Survey

[view] 2015 Recruiting Service Innovation Awards

[view] Talent Acquisition Keynote by Vic Buzachero, CVP Scripps Health

[view part 1] [view part 2] Industry Keynote by Tom Ricca-McCarthy, CEDO Madgex


2014 IAEWS Fall Congress

[view] Congress Program & Speakers

[view] Ian Siegel’s Opening Industry Keynote

[view] Constance Melrose’s Practitioner’s Keynote


2014 IAEWS Spring Congress

[view] Intro by Peter Weddle & Ted Daywalt, Congress Chair

[view] Industry Keynote by Chris Forman

[view] 2014 IAEWS-Job Board Doctor Survey Results

[view] Getting Your Business Ready for Acquisition or Investment

[view] Key Trends Among HR Professionals/Recruiters

[view] Talent Acquisition Keynote by L.J. Brock


2013 IAEWS Fall Congress

[view] Weddle & Rothberg Welcome

[view] David Lewis Benchmark Survey Results

[view] Mike Durney Keynote

[view] Niche Site Oral History Panel

[view] Ane Ohm Optimizing the Recruiter Experience

[view] Mary Kay Baldino Keynote


2013 IAEWS Spring Member Congress

[view] Welcome and Introduction – Peter Weddle & Cindy Songne

[view] Keynote by James Beriker, Simply Hired

[view] Optimizing the Candidate Experience by Gerry Crispin

Big Data Panel:   [view] O’Connor  –  [view] Bernstein

[view] Finding Talent is as Important as Attracting It by Shally Steckerl

Mobile Technology & Culture Panel:  [view] Madgex  –  [view] RealMatch

[view] Positively Recruiting at Coca-Cola by Kevin Shigley



2012 IAEWS Fall Member Congress

[view] Welcome and Introduction – Peter Weddle & Eric Spell

[view] Opening Keynote: The State of Recruiting 2022 – Elaine Orler

[view] Compliance & Customer Service: OFCCP Update – Rathin Sinha

[view] 2012 IAEWS Global Benchmark Survey – Matt Hoffner

[view] Closing Keynote: Building Legendary Service – Kathy Cuff


2012 IAEWS Spring Member Congress

[view] Conference Agenda and Introduction

[view] The Flow of Technology into HR & Recruiting, John Sumser

[view] Job Seeker Initiatives in the U.S. Department of Labor, Ben Seigel

[view] Virtual Career Fairs, Real Revenue, Mike Vogel

[view] The Resume Black Hole & Its Bottom Line Impact on Job Boards, Chris Forman

[view] What We’re Doing & Why, Kara Yarnot VP-Recruiting, SAIC

[view] Video Recording of the Presentations


2012 IAEWS Winter-Spring Webinar Series

[view] The Bottom Line Impact of the “Resume Black Hole”

[view] It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Job Posting

[view] 2012 IAEWS Auditors Gone Wild

[view] The Legion of Super Job Boards

[view] What Job Board Users Want



2011 Fall Member Congress

[view] Conference Agenda and Introductions by Peter Weddle & Rich Milgram

[view] IAEWS 2011 Benchmark Study Top Level Results by Matt Hoffner

[view] U.S. Government Expectations of Job Boards by Seema Nanda, USDOJ

[view] Leveraging Social Media for Job Board Buzz by Cindy Songne

[view] Post Recession Job Board Valuations and Deals by Matt Kim & Mike Durney

[view] What Recruiters Want from Job Boards by Tony Pentangelo, COO Parallon Workforce Solutions


2011 Spring Member Congress

Powerpoint presentations:

[view] Conference Agenda and Introductions by Ethan Bloomfield

[view] Keynote on the DISC Theory of Leadership by Dr. Tony Alessandra

[view] Corporate Identity Theft and Trademark Protection by Andy Hibel

[view] Government Audits and Regulations (OFCCP & DOJ) by Ted Daywalt

Video of select Congress presentations:

[view] Keynote Presentation: The Platinum Rule Dr. Tony Alessandra

[view] Corporate Identity Theft: Protecting Your Trademark Andy Hibel,

[view] How Big Is Your Checkbook: Government Audits & Fines for Job Boards: Ted Daywalt, VetJobs

[view] The Consumer’s Calculus: A panel of senior level talent acquisition executives will discuss the criteria they use to select vendors.


PowerPoint Presentations from the 2010 Fall Member Congress

[view] The New War for Talent – Dan Finnigan, Jobvite

[view] Is Your Job Board Hot or Not? – Tony Lee, Adicio

[view] The Truth About the .Jobs Affair – Peter Weddle, IAEWS

[view] Future of the Industry Report – John Bell, Boxwood

[view] Searching for a New Revenue Stream – Shelly Mudd, and Google

[view] Improve Your Agency Relations, Improve Your Bottom Line – Ethan Bloomfield, JobTarget


2010 Spring Member Congress Presentations

[view] Welcome and Conference Agenda

[view] Talent Trends in 2010—What do the Mean for our Industry?

[view] Keeping Sales Force Morale Up in a Down Economy

[view] Pumping Up Conversions With Stronger Site Design

[view] Future of the Industry Committee Preliminary Results

[view] Video of 2010 Spring Member Congress Presentations


Video of 2009 Global Member Congress Presentations

[view] What Employers Want

[view] The Emerging Role of Mobile

[view] Customer Loyalty

[view] Future of the Industry


2009 Global Member Congress

[view] What Employers Want from Job Boards in the Recovery

[view] The Emerging Role of Mobile in Online Employment Services

[view] Using Video to Build Brand & Add Content

[view] Creating & Sustaining Customer Loyalty

[view] Future of the Industry Survey Results

[view] Arbita – 6 Must-Fund Recruitment Marketing Initiatives for 2010

[view] IAEWS – Future of the Industry Committee
Executive Report


2009 September Annual Member Congress

[view] Video of Congress Proceedings

[view] Congress Opening and Agenda

[view] Shannon Seery Gude Keynote

[view] Recruitment Advertising Agency Panel

[view] Future of the Industry Committee Interim Report


2009 May Member Congress

[view] Streaming Video of May Member Congress

[view] Congress Intro & Executive Director’s State of the Industry

[view] Managing Job Seeker Expectations by Gautam Godhwani

[view] Reinforcing Customer Loyalty by Don Ramer

2008 Fall Member Congress

[view] Marketing to HR: Integrating Traditional and Web 2.0 Strategies.

[view] An Economist’s View of The Road Ahead, by Bruce Steinberg

[view] Forrester-Help Wanted: Strategies for Surviving the Social Media Revolution

[view] 2008 New Member Orientation, including Industry Research Data

[view] 2008 Fall Member Congress program, including results of the Summer Member Survey

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