TAtech-Appcast Webinar: Horizon 2018: Programmatic Job Advertising

Peter Weddle

Over the past few years, job boards, ad agencies, and employers have begun to use programmatic technology to optimize the performance of their job advertising campaigns. In 2018, it’s predicted that 81.5% of traditional display ads will be programmatic, as well as 40% of job ads.

As part of Appcast and TAtech’s annual research, we surveyed leaders from recruitment ad agencies, job sites, and employers for insights on their usage of programmatic and to understand industry perceptions of this new frontier of job advertising technology.

On Thursday, June 27th at 2:00 pm ET, Tom Chevalier, VP of Product at Appcast, will reveal these survey results from industry thought-leaders and provide his predictions for the road ahead.

Join the webinar to gain insights on:
• The current ‘state of programmatic’ in jobs
• Growing expectations of programmatic buyers
• The challenges that programmatic sellers face
• The future of programmatic job advertising and how you can capitalize on its revolution


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