TAtech Global News Bulletin: Checkr, Panya and Vettd raise dough & HealthcareSource and eQuest add capabilities PLUS Movers & Shakers

Meagan Micozzi

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“When you remind people that Monster still exists – and you do have to remind people that we’re still around – they say, ‘Yes, I remember really liking them.’”.

“A lot of people are rooting for Monster, and shame on us for letting the house fall into disrepair over the last decade.”

Jonathan Beamer, CMO Monster in JobsPortalWatch

Movers & Shakers [NEW]

Andy Katz has joined Nexxt as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining Nexxt, Katz served as President of Startwire where he was responsible for managing all staffers and over 80 external partnerships.

Thom Kenney has been appointed CEO of Smashfly Technologies. Prior to assuming this role, he was CTO of Smashfly.

Joe Stubblebine has been named Chief Revenue Officer of Lensa.com, based in Hungary. Before joining Lensa, he was VP-Sales at Nexxt.

Art Zeilewill has joined DHI as their new Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining DHI, he was the co-founder and CEO of HOSTING, a company delivering secure, compliant and highly available cloud solutions to enterprise customers.

Job Boards, Social Media Sites & Recruitment Advertising

HealthcareSource, a provider of talent management solutions for the healthcare industry, announced it has integrated Google Cloud Job Discovery to power its job search. Launched in September 2017, HealthcareSource Job Board℠ has significantly grown to feature over 60,000 jobs, addressing the full continuum of care. “This is a significant milestone for both healthcare employers and job seekers who use our Job Board,” said J.P. Fingado, HealthcareSource President and Chief Executive Officer. “By integrating Google Cloud Job Discovery, we are improving the job board search for job seekers, resulting in increased engagement and likelihood to apply. For healthcare employers, this means their jobs are more likely to be discovered by the right candidates, enabling them to find and hire people who will deliver the highest quality of care.” Source: Job Board Secrets

Vets2PM, and Veterans2Work, have formed a joint strategic partnership with project management pioneer, THE PMO SQUAD, to deliver a new Veteran talent pipeline to supply experienced project managers to the U.S. workforce. Source: Media Release

Sourcing, Matching, Assessing, Communicating (SMAC) Technology

A growing number of employers use Checkr, a San Francisco-based company that says it currently runs one million background checks per month for more than 10,000 customers, including, most newly, the car-share company Lyft, the services marketplace Thumbtack, and eyewear seller Warby Parker. Investors are betting many more customers will come aboard, too. Checkr has announced $100 million in Series C funding led by T. Rowe Price, which was joined by earlier backers Accel and Y Combinator. The round brings the company’s total funding to roughly $150 million. Source: TechCrunch

eQuest today announced that it has expanded its technical infrastructure capacity to help better service its European clients and partners. The move ensures the company’s ability to evolve and expand its products and services to meet customers’ needs in the new digital era, while it remains committed to being well within all European data security regulations including GDPR. The infrastructure is also meant to support European customer data, as well as provide outage and data protection as needed. The eQuest product is made up of hundreds of web services, including AI and machine learning infrastructure, behind a variety of front end applications. Source: Media Release

Paññã (Panya) announces the official launch of their hiring and recruitment web video conference platform, with $500k angel seed funding and millions of dollars injected from Paññã’s holding company, mroads. Beta clients include Intuit, iCIMS, MobiTV, University of Texas (Dallas) and Anuta Networks. In a hiring environment where recruiters are inundated by fabricated resumes and spending excessive hours sourcing top talent, Paññã’s model gives hirers the platform to set up face-to-face real-time, scheduled or candidate one-way video interviews. All videos are recorded, for interviewers to review at any time, with no downloads required. Source: OnRec

Pearson and Credly announced that Credly will acquire Pearson’s Acclaim badging business in response to global demand for digital credentialing and talent recognition. Pearson will take a minority equity stake in Credly. The partnership between Acclaim and Credly brings two leading organizations together, and provides the most comprehensive solution suite for skill recognition, credential verification, and talent management. The combined organization will serve a global customer base, including millions of individuals; and enterprise leaders, education institutions, certification providers, and associations like IBM, Microsoft, the American Council on Education, the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), and Southern New Hampshire University. Source: Media Release

AI & Machine Learning

Vettd announced the closing of its Series A funding round. The funding coincides with the release of the world’s first commercially deployed, AI-powered deep neural network platform designed specifically for the Human Resources industry. Vettd’s services are developed to make hiring managers’ jobs easier and capitalize on their expert knowledge to identify and select the right candidates for open positions, internal promotions or talent reorganization. Vettd’s proprietary deep neural network services allows hiring managers to upload their expertise into their own AI service, and then extend that knowledge to support anyone responsible for active talent evaluations (recruiters, interviewers, or other hiring managers). This highly-scalable experience, focusing on natural language documents, allows for the instantaneous sharing of expert knowledge to bridge evaluation skill gaps or streamline the entire talent acquisition lifecycle. Vettd accomplishes this by using its’ library of Intelligent Data Science™ agents that reside within the company’s Live Data Observatory (LDO) that is built upon a real-time microservices cloud architecture. Source: Recruiting Headlines

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Standards & Best Practices

TAtech is launching the next phase of the International Working Group on Traffic Quality. Click here to see the Declaration on Traffic Quality produced by the first phase. If you’d like to be a part of this unique group that is setting definitions and standards for online recruitment advertising, please contact Peter Weddle at peterweddle@tatech.org. The Group is open to all publishers worldwide.

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