TAtech Global News Bulletin: Some of the News in 2017 & Early 2018 That Wasn’t From Really Big Companies

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“There’s small screwups and big screwups. Here is tremendously huge screwup: Virtually all Intel processors produced in the last decade have a major security hole that could allow ‘normal user programs—from database applications to JavaScript in web browsers—to discern to some extent the layout or contents of protected kernel memory areas,’ the Register reported on Tuesday [January 2, 2018].

“Essentially, modern Intel processors have a design flaw that could allow malicious programs to read protected areas of a device’s kernel memory (memory dedicated to the most essential core components of an operating system and their interactions with system hardware). This flaw could potentially expose protected information like passwords. Since the error is baked into the Intel x86-64 hardware, it requires an OS-level overwrite to patch—on every major operating system, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

“The exact details of the design flaw and to what extent users are vulnerable are being kept under wraps for now, per the Register, though since developers appear to be rushing towards patching systems in coming weeks it is likely very bad. In the absolute worst-case speculative scenario, something as simple as JavaScript running on a webpage or cloud-hosted malware could gain access to some of the most sensitive inner workings of an Intel-based device.

“Because the fix entails severing kernel memory entirely from user processes, patched OSes could potentially see a massive performance hit of “five to 30 percent slowdown, depending on the task and processor model.’”

Gizmodo, January 3, 2018

Job Boards & Social Media Sites

CV-Library will be targeting active job hunters as they work, shop and play, by investing in advertisements across roadside formats, rail, gyms, coffee shops and more. These will be located in key cities and towns across the UK, including London, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, Cardiff and Exeter. According to the site, it is conducting this push because January and February are traditionally some of the busiest months in recruitment, as prospective candidates look for their next job opportunity.

ConnectJob, a blockchain-based site for finding services that are paid for in cryptocurrency, is seeking to raise $110 million U.S. – also in cryptocurrency — to launch an app with which it can “go global” next year. (Source: AIM Group) ConnectJob is a new blockchain-based peer-to-peer universal platform that offers multiple interactions for different services dedicated to individuals in an all-in-one application. ConnectJob allows its users to connect directly to a multitude of services based on geolocation through an Uber-like counter. Moreover, using uPort, Civic and Stratis identity management platforms, ConnectJob will allow job seekers to certify their ConnectJob reputation on the Blockchain and to bring this certification to any other services.

Jobbio, an Ireland-based career marketplace, has closed a $15 million round to further its goal of uniting jobseekers with companies looking for talent. Smurfit Kappa Group, Enterprise Ireland, IIU (an investment vehicle of billionaire Dermot Desmond), and Balderton Capital founding partner Barry Maloney all threw money into the pot. The latest cash injection amounts to $10 million, which is in addition to the $5 million that kicked off the company’s series A round last September. Founded out of Dublin in 2015, Jobbio strives to differentiate itself from the myriad hiring platforms that already exist by helping recruiters and candidates connect and “sell” themselves to each other.

Jobcase, a Boston, MA-based social media platform focused on America’s workforce, raised $7m in Series A funding. The round was led by Savano Capital Partners. The company intends to use the funds to hire new people and add up to 40 more employees to its Kendall Square headquarters by summer, 2018. Led by CEO Fred Goff, Jobcase partners with companies to power hiring initiatives on both local and national levels by promoting their local talent brand within the community. The company also partners with non-profits in operating job fairs, career clinics and other training and development initiatives. Jobcase currently has a team of 115 and stands at over 75 million registered members. It is an industry affiliated partner of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, CSAIL.

Seasoned, a start-up job board for food service workers, announced the completion of a $20 million Series A financing round led by TPG Capital. Describing itself as “a food service community,” the site is designed to connect workers with jobs and career development opportunities. Its goal is to improve the lives and livelihoods of those in the food service field, from cooks and dishwashers to servers and hosts. The company also announced that former Lynda.com executives Andrew Wait and Madhav Mehra will join the company as executive chairman and president, respectively.

Sourcing, Matching, Assessing, Communicating (SMAC) Technology

Checkster Chatbot – a new collective and artificial intelligence solution – starts a new chapter for candidate screening and selection. The information the bot collects for a candidate defies any industry standard in terms of speed and compliance. The Checkster Chatbot was developed from Checkster’s experience serving Fortune 1000 companies and HR services firms and refined with millions of digital reference responses, and today brings the power of AI to allow better and faster talent decisions.

Crowded Refresh has launched as a tool for revitalizing moribund resume databases. It’s not the first time someone has tried to breathe life into the zombie candidates stacked in the dead zones of ATS databases. There are two differences in Crowded’s approach that may make it successful: first, it updates candidate profiles using an AI/ML-based people crawler and second, it then uses a chatbot to connect with prospects to see if they’d be interested in applying for jobs that match their current qualifications.

ENGAGE Talent introduces ENGAGE ME!, a recruitment Marketing Engine that empowers recruiters to more effectively reach passive candidates. Fueled by artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, ENGAGE ME!: uses specifications set by the recruiter to source qualified passive candidates who are most likely to be interested in changing jobs; provides candidate insights, talking points and email subject lines that maximize the recruiter’s chances to get a specific candidate to engage; and measures five key areas related to voluntary turnover and their potential to resonate with the candidate.

JazzHR, a recruiting solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses, recently announced that it has closed a $6.6 million financing round. Volition Capital led the round with participation from existing investors Birchmere Ventures, Rincon Venture Partners, and others. This round brings the company’s total funding to $25M since launching in 2009. The company will use the investment to fuel strategic product development and accelerate continued ‘go to market’ expansion.

Moneo.io has launched, calling itself “the world’s first blockchain talent agency that enables organizations worldwide to hire high-end, experienced blockchain freelancers, from coders to marketers, and pay both their fee and the freelancers themselves in bitcoin via Moneo’s secure, escrowed payments platform.” Phew, that’s a mouth-full. Blockchain technology is being seen across every sector from finance and gaming through to law enforcement and healthcare. According to a recent report, the market will create annual revenues of $45 billion by 2027. The benefits of this decentralized technology are “widely accepted,” but the main challenge to making it a reality continues to be the lack of expertise in blockchain implementation. And much of that expertise is part of a digital nomadic tribe that eschews the standard corporate environment—which is where Moneo comes in. Source: OnRec

Sourcing, Matching, Assessing, Communicating (SMAC) Technology will be covered from all angles at TAtechEurope on March 13-14, 2018 – that’s during St. Patrick’s Day Festival Week – in Dublin. Yeah, bayyybeee! The Agenda will be announced in January, so stay tuned for that. In addition, all attendees will receive complimentary, advance copies of the Final Reports of the TAtech-RealMatch Global Survey of Recruitment Advertising (the only survey that address both the employer’s and the publisher’s perspective) and the TAtech-reThink Data Global Survey of Applicant Tracking System Companies. Plus, there will be moderated discussions of both surveys’ findings, so you’ll go home with a clear vision of how to put the data to work for your business. That’s just a part of the ROI you’ll get by attending. Join us!

Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform, continues to enhance their product with the launch of video messaging. The capability allows Spark Hire’s 4,000 customers to create, brand, and share videos with anyone, including candidates, new hires, and clients. Video messages come equipped with email notifications, so customers can track when recipients watch their videos. The messages are customizable, allowing content to appear catered to the viewer.

Talenya has launched to bring subject matter experts into talent acquisition the way Uber has brought drivers into transportation. Introduced by Gal Almog, the founder and former CEO of RealMatch, it provides recruitment training and the Talenya candidate identification and assessment system to SMEs who agree to spend at least 50% of their time on Talenya. Given its focus on dealing directly with hiring managers, the system is most likely to be used by SMBs that are anxious to cut the cost of using staffing firms and sourcers.

AI & Machine Learning

Breezy.HR, an end-to-end recruiting software platform, has launched Hello, a recruiting chatbot. Similar to other products in the market, such as Crowded, GoBe, Mya, and Olivia, Hello aims to have a virtual conversation with a prospect that moves them through the hiring funnel. The goal in these products is to replace the grunt work normally done by recruiters, while more effectively engaging with candidates.

Mya Systems, the creators of AI recruiter Mya, announced today that it has secured $18M in Series B funding, led by Foundation Capital with participation from Emergence Capital. The company also announced new, groundbreaking product advancements, including multi-lingual support, and proprietary AI capabilities that automate the candidate sourcing process. The new funding will enable Mya Systems to accelerate growth of its world-class AI team, open new offices in Europe to support its ever-growing global customer base, and expand its solution into new job categories.

Paradox Olivia is the new brand for Recruiting.ai and its recruiting assistant Olivia.

Scoutible, a San Francisco, CA-based video game-based artificial intelligence for hiring, has raised $5M in seed funding. The round was led by Learn Capital and Mark Cuban with participation from Great Oaks, New Enterprise Associates, Stanford StartX Fund, and Mindset Ventures. The company intends to use the funds to scale up its capacity to serve even more companies and enable them to build and grow teams. Scoutible provides a game-based AI platform for hiring, using mobile games and machine learning to find fit candidates for jobs. The technology measures a person’s unique cognitive and personality traits through gameplay, then spots opportunities where players’ attributes match those of a company’s proven top performers.

Woo, the marketplace for matching employers and passive job seekers, has launched Helena, an AI-driven headhunter that automatically scouts, approaches and sources the best candidates on behalf of employers. Helena serves not only as company headhunter; she also serves as the job seeker’s agent, sparing both sides the need to actively search for each other. At heart, she’s a matchmaker that uses AI and machine learning to connect the right candidate for the right opportunity at scale. Woo has also closed its $7 million Series A investment round, which will be used to further enhance Woo’s technology and fuel the company’s U.S. expansion. The round was led by UK investor Lord David Alliance, with participation from existing investors and brings total funding to $11.4 million.

ZipRecruiter, a job posting and distribution platform, announced that its research and development center in Israel has more than doubled its size, from 12 employees to 30 in just two years. In a recent interview, CEO Ian Siegel said the company is planning to hire 100 more employees in that country in 2018. Its Tel Aviv center is dedicated to artificial intelligence technologies, and the developments that stemmed from it have differentiated ZipRecruiter from other web-based talent acquisition solutions, Mr. Siegel said. Source: JobsPortalWatch

Standards & Best Practices

If you’re supporting the recruitment of candidates in Europe, you have until May 25, 2018, to familiarize yourself with and prepare a strategy for tackling coming changes to GDPR — planning and implementing solutions for complying with the requirements of the regulation. Otherwise, you could face potential non-compliance issues that could come as a result of not following the requirements. What is GDPR? Adopted by the European Parliament in April of 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of European citizens for transactions that occur within European states. Personal data includes names, photos, email addresses, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or even a computer IP address. (Source ERE)

HireServe, an Applicant Tracking System provider, announced it has been awarded the ISO 27001 certification – recognized worldwide as the standard for information security management. To gain the ISO 27001 award, Hireserve had to meet the stringent standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). During the course of a comprehensive audit, Hireserve proved that it could prevent and defend against potential data system vulnerabilities. The business was able to demonstrate that it had a robust set of information security controls, and that it implemented regular checks for security threats and vulnerabilities. Source: OnRec

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