A TA Who’s Who for Networking at TAtechEurope

Peter Weddle

Business success is as much about whom you know as it is about what you do and how you do it.

So, with whom can you network when you attend TAtechEurope on March 24-26 in London?

Here’s a list of just some of those who will be there from both Europe and North America.

  • Fred Goff, CEO Jobcase (see the Forbes interview with him here)
  • Athena Karp, CEO HiredScore
  • Rene Bolier, CEO OnRecruit
  • Tycho van Passen, CEO Vonq
  • Hannah Coley, Global Head of Process, Technology & Experience HSBC
  • Theo Smith, Head of Recruitment NICE.org
  • Richard Essex, MD (UK) Jobiqo
  • Eyal Grayevsky, CEO Mya Systems
  • Arjan Spies, Head of Recruitment CarNext.com
  • Roy Jacques, MD UK & EMEA Appcast
  • Maxime Droux, CEO Talent.com
  • Andreea Wade, CEO Opening.io
  • Chris Wray, Group Head of Recruitment Sainsbury
  • Michael Stopps, Sr. Director of Global Talent Acquisition DeliveryHero
  • Stephen O’Donnell, Founder NORAs & RECex
  • Chad & Cheese of HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast
  • Stephen Warren, CEO Results Generation
  • Josh Blumenfeld, CEO MyJobHelper
  • Jeff Berger, CEO TalentInc.com
  • Tim Meehan,, VP & Global Head of Emerging Technologies Pontoon Solutions
  • Alex Murphy, CEO JobSync
  • Doug Monro, CEO Adzuna
  • Matt Alder, Recruiting Future Podcast
  • Martin Lenz, CEO Jobiqo

And, many, many more!

Don’t be conspicuous by your absence.

Register today!

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