Aclima will map the air quality on every block in the Bay Area

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Aclima is announcing that it plans to map air pollutants and greenhouse gases block-by-block throughout the San Francisco Bay Area region, which is home to 7.6 million people.

It is part of an effort to bring “hyper-local” air quality to the region, first by measuring local air quality data and then sharing that information publicly so action can be taken to reduce pollution.

The company is announcing today it is sending its fleet into Santa Clara County, at an event in San Francisco with various Bay Area officials who represent the nine-county region.

In mapping every block, Aclima is following in the footsteps of Google StreetView, where cars took pictures of every street by driving through every neighborhood. This kind of undertaking is just as big as StreetView if it were to cover the world, which is one of Aclima’s ambitions.

Air pollution and climate-changing emissions are causing widespread damage


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