Acqyr Exchange unveils cash rewards for gamers

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Acqyr Exchange is launching a rewards redemption program that lets gamers redeem earned rewards into cash across a number of games. The exchange is now in open beta for game companies.

Game publishers can begin applying today to integrate QX, the shorthand for Acqyr Exchange, into their mobile and online games. QX plugs into a publisher’s current rewards issuance mechanism, promotes QX membership to gamers, and it is free for publishers to use.

It’s another part of what I call the Leisure Economy, where one day we will all get paid to play games in exchange for our engagement.

“Our focus is on the ability for gamers to be able to acquire and then redeem their loyalty rewards,” said CEO Jim Mulford, in an interview with GamesBeat.



This article was originally published on on VentureBeat.

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