AI Weekly: Machine learning could lead cybersecurity into uncharted territory

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Once a quarter, VentureBeat publishes a special issue to take an in-depth look at trends of great importance. This week, we launched issue two, examining AI and security. Across a spectrum of stories, the VentureBeat editorial team took a close look at some of the most important ways AI and security are colliding today. It’s a shift with high costs for individuals, businesses, cities, and critical infrastructure targets — data breaches alone are expected to cost more than $5 trillion by 2024 — and high stakes.

Throughout the stories, you may find a theme that AI does not appear to be used much in cyberattacks today. However, cybersecurity companies increasingly rely on AI to identify threats and sift through data to defend targets.

Security threats are evolving to include adversarial attacks against AI systems; more expensive ransomware targeting cities, hospitals, and public-facing institutions; misinformation and spear phishing attacks that can


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