Another first for the recruitment industry… (and for Jeff Stelling, too!)

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At Sky Betting and Gaming, we like being first – it must be something to do with us being one of the UK’s leading betting and gaming companies.

It’s also why we’re focused on developing new, unique, and super innovative ways to work, and that includes our recruitment process. In fact, we’ve just scored another huge recruitment industry first – along with a first for celebrity presenter Jeff Stelling, too – and here’s what it involved…

You might know the real Jeff from such classics as Countdown and Gillette Soccer Saturday. But what you might not know is that his digital alter ego is about to start moonlighting as our resident careers and jobs guru.

That’s because we’ve recently created and launched JeffBot – an artificially intelligent chatbot built on top of Facebook’s messenger platform, and also on top of Jeff’s unique personality.

JeffBot enables candidates who are thinking about applying for a role at Sky Betting and Gaming to have in-depth, natural-sounding conversations about what it’s like to work here, why we have Tribes instead of teams, what to expect on their first day, and loads more.

And if that’s not enough, JeffBot can also offer interview tips, point candidates to our favourite coffee shops, tell them a joke and even sing them a song if they need cheering up – and if he’s in the mood, of course.

But we didn’t create JeffBot just to help our candidates out. He’s also set to make a huge difference to our recruitment teams too, saving them tons of time by taking care of all those initial conversations and quick questions for them. And that’s just the beginning.

So, why not pay JeffBot a visit at now and sample his personality for yourself. There’s no-one else quite like the real Jeff on TV right now – and there’s nothing else quite like JeffBot in the recruitment industry either!


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