Apple Has A Repair Problem In The World's Second Largest Smartphone Market

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If Apple wants to own the smartphone market in India, it has more problems to solve than mere price, if you ask its customers there.

When the battery on Deepika Mehrishi’s two-year-old iPhone 6s started draining after just a few hours, she trudged down to Futureworld, a chain of Apple-authorized service centers in New Delhi, India, where she lives.

A new battery failed to fix the problem. So a Futureworld technician handed her a risk-waiver to sign — acknowledging that her out-of-warranty device could be permanently damaged during service — so they could open up the device. Twenty minutes later, Mehrishi’s phone was dead. Her only recourse was a $350 replacement, roughly the cost of rent in parts of Delhi.

Globally, Apple is renowned for top-notch customer service, but India is another story. Despite Apple’s long-held view that there are “huge opportunities there for us” in India,


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