Astro’s Playroom — Behind the creation of PlayStation 5’s charm-filled platformer

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The PlayStation 5 launches today, and everyone who gets the new console will also get Astro’s Playroom, a 3D platformer by Team Asobi that comes on every machine.

I love this game. Aside from being a fantastic 3D platformer, it’s also brilliant showcase for the DualSense controller and its new features, like the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Astro’s Playroom is also a love letter to the PlayStation brand, featuring cameos, collectibles, and Easter eggs celebrating notable games, characters, and even accessories.

I talked with Nico Doucet, Astro’s Playroom’s creative director and producer. I learned about the creation and development of the game, and how Team Asobi was able to inject so much PlayStation love into one title.

A platformer for the senses


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