CockroachDB creator Cockroach Labs raises $160 million at a $2 billion valuation

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Cockroach Labs, the software company best known for the open source, cloud-native distributed SQL database CockroachDB, has raised $160 million in a series E round of funding led by Altimeter Capital. This takes the New York-based company’s valuation to $2 billion, more than double its valuation at its series D round last May.

Founded by ex-Googlers in 2015, CockroachDB has been described as nearly impossible to take down, hence its name — cockroaches are renowned for their resilience. With CockroachDB, companies can store multiple copies of their data in different locations to ensure uninterrupted access. This means if there is an outage in one location, CockroachDB reroutes traffic to a version of the data stored elsewhere.


This article was originally published on on VentureBeat.

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