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When your organization becomes a TAtech Member, you and all of your colleagues join a worldwide community of talent acquisition solutions professionals. Here are some of the ways we interact with and support one another.

Your Member Icon

We encourage you to post the TAtech Member icon on your site and in your promotional literature to signal your organization’s membership in the Association. That membership and the seal represent one way you can differentiate your organization as a leader in the talent acquisition solutions industry and one that has made a public commitment to the only Code of Ethics in that industry. Click here to access Member icon.

Your Member Bulletin

The Association publishes a weekly Bulletin – TAtech OneNote – to keep its Members up-to-date on the latest Association events and activities as well as the other benefits of membership. The Bulletin may be sent to as many of your employees as you designate. To add new or additional employees to the Bulletin distribution list, please contact vp@tatech.org.

Special Interest Groups

The Association currently hosts two Special Interest Groups:

  • Women in TAtech, a Lean In Circle dedicated to helping women achieve their full potential in the talent acquisition technology industry. Members hold monthly virtual meetings and get together at TAtech’s Congresses and Summits for discussion, mentoring and support. Contact Mandy Schaniel (mschaniel@accuratebackground.com) for more information and to join.
  • The Working Group on Traffic Quality, an international committee developing the first-ever standards for the measurement and reporting of traffic in online recruitment advertising. The Group has developed a Traffic Quality Declaration, a voluntary publisher self-evaluation and is now in the process of introducing it to both employers and publishers. Contact Peter Weddle (ceo@tatech.org) for more information and to join.

Job Board Journalist & Global News Bulletin

We know you’re busy, so rather than dump a long-winded newsletter on you each month, TAtech publishes two brief publications each week to keep you informed.  Job Board Journalist is distributed each Wednesday and explores key industry issues and trending ideas to keep you a step ahead of the competition.  Click here for an archive of Job Board Journalist columns.  The Global News Bulletin is distributed each Monday and aggregates industry news from around the world so you’re always in the know about what others are doing to grow their business.

To sign up for either or both of these publications, please scroll to the bottom of this page, enter your email address and check the Solution Providers Box.

TAtech B2B Directory

The TAtech B2B Directory is a partial listing of the sites owned and operated by TAtech Members. It is the largest, free listing of its kind on the Web. The Directory is designed to demonstrate the breadth of the Association’s membership and enable Members to identify prospective partners and bizdev opportunities that can be implemented in the TAtech Deal Center at the Association’s conferences.

Content from TAtech Summits & Congresses

Each year, the Association hosts a number of conferences and other meetings dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in talent acquisition solutions and to improving the use of those products and services by employers and recruiters. Wherever possible, the content at these events is published in this area so that new Members and current Members who were unable to attend the meetings may still have access to speakers’ presentations, information, research and opinions. To see the archive of the most recent presentations, please click here.

TAtech Proprietary & Member Research

TAtech conducts one-of-a-kind surveys of global recruitment advertising practices among both employers and publishers and of the global applicant tracking system community. In addition, it performs proprietary research on key issues, trends and developments in the talent acquisition solutions industry. The resulting research reports are available free of charge to TAtech Members.

  • To participate in this year’s survey, please click here.

Posting Your Media Announcements

The Association promotes its Members by making their press releases, media alerts, and other announcements available to the public in two ways:

  • Through the Association’s social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook.
  • Through the Press Release area on TAprose.

These platforms give you a visible and respected way to introduce:

  • New products and services, site development and upgrades, awards and other recognition, community service initiatives, new pricing schedules, and
  • any other information for which you seek general distribution.

To post a media announcement for distribution via social media, send it to Meagan.micozzi@tatech.org.
To post a media announcement on TAprose, click here and complete the input form.

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