The TAtech Deal Center is a truly unique feature, providing a dedicated room where those attending TAtechEurope and the TAtech Spring and Fall Congresses in North America can find strategic partners and do business with one another.

  • Are you looking for a way to:
    • Find new partners with products or services that can help grow your business?
    • Meet with your current partners and explore new business opportunities
    • Introduce your product or service to prospective new customers?

If so, the TAtech Deal Center is the place for you!  It offers dedicated space and time for you to forge partnerships and do deals.

  • You can identify key contacts in advance
    Forty-eight hours prior to each conference, you’ll receive a link to the TAtech meeting scheduler, TAtechConnect. It will be preloaded with a list of all registered attendees, so you can see who’s coming to the event and reach out to those with whom you want to connect at the conference.
  • You can set up key meetings in advance
    TAtechConnect enables you to pre-schedule 15-minute, one-on-one meetings whenever the Deal Center is open.  No more missing out on important connections or discussions that can help grow your business.  You’ll know who you’ll be meeting with and when, before you even arrive.
  • You can participate in the Deal Center in two ways

1. Reserve a branded table so you always have a dedicated place for your meetings and everyone at the conference will know where to find you.

2. Hold your meetings at an unreserved table on a space available basis.

For more information and to reserve your branded | reserved table, contact Pete Weddle at +312-307-6168 or

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