Have You Integrated LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect?

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Every sourcer and recruiter suffer from shiny object syndrome. We all want what’s new, hot, fresh, and oh so shiny. We are quick to jump on the latest Chrome extension and sourcing tool. We are always in the hunt for more candidates, more Dean Da Costa, more budget, and need I say, more time. So often do we burst through the door after a successful meeting with our hiring manager, sprint through the hallway, and dive immediately into our cubicle to begin the quest to find new candidates. After we’ve left a trail of dust and chaos (or crumbs of nuts for all of you purple squirrel enthusiasts), we immediately open our sourcing weapon of choice (Google, LinkedIn, Hiretual, SeekOut, Amazing Hiring, Entelo, HiringSolved, you get the drift), and start mining the web for new talent. We spend hours combing through search results, scanning LinkedIn profiles, and scraping hundreds of web pages for contact information. The heat is on, and we are fueled by stale break room coffee and a labyrinth of secret passages and clues of purple squirrels and unicorns. The end of the hunt is near, and the sourcing chip on our shoulder has grown a few inches. We’ve mastered the intake, dominated the search and have crafted emails that would make Steve Levy and Brian Fink rewrite their SourceCon presentations to feature our brilliant messages. We did it, and now the wait begins. One by one, candidates return our messages. After a couple of email exchanges and a click of our automated email scheduler, we are on a roll. There is no doubt; our hiring manager will be impressed.


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