Here's The Timeline Of How Anti-Muslim Disinformation Started During The Notre Dame Fire

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The devastating fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral led to an outpouring of anguish and sympathy. It also prompted conspiracy theorists, anti-Muslim campaigners, and far-right figures to begin spreading baseless claims and conspiratorial theories that Muslims were to blame.

At no point have French authorities said the fire was deliberately set, and as of now investigators say all signs point to it being a tragic accident. But by the time official information began to spread, the seeds of an anti-Muslim narrative had been planted using false claims and innuendo. It quickly cascaded from fringe message boards and social media to far-right websites and cable news.

Here’s a timeline of how a coordinated online campaign to link Muslims to the Notre Dame fire unfolded.

(Note: Authorities have not released any definitive information about the cause of the fire, which means we


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