How Can You Trust Your Online Ad Publishers?

Peter Weddle

Trust is the foundation of successful recruitment advertising. Employers have to believe that publishers are actually delivering the candidate traffic for which they are paying or they can no longer determine their ROI with any certainty or, as a consequence, justify the funds they have committed to advertising.

That is especially true today. As Keith Wood put it recently in MarketingWeek, “As we face the unprecedented social, economic and political upheaval of the Covid-19 outbreak, trust has never been more important. Declining levels of public trust over the past decade have impacted many areas of our lives, whether that is our trust in politics, banking, finance, business more generally or, closer to home, in advertising.”

So, how exactly is that trust built? Wood opines, “In the immediate present, [publisher] brands need to demonstrate they are on the side of the consumer” or, in your case, the employer. You will, of course, continue to receive traditional messaging in that regard – from the content of publishers’ marketing collateral to their blog posts and calls – and that’s helpful. But, it’s not enough. Not now, anyway.

What’s needed is an explicit initiative that conveys a publisher’s commitment to employer success. And, that’s where the TAtech Traffic Quality Declaration comes in.

The Declaration is the first-ever industry standard for reporting performance in online recruitment advertising by job boards, social media sites, job search engines, aggregators and other publishers. It is a voluntary publisher self-evaluation and reporting template, developed by an international working group of industry leaders established by TAtech.

This document enables publishers to describe how they ensure accuracy in reporting recruitment ad performance on their site (or through their network) without revealing proprietary information. That transparency as well as the procedures themselves provide you with a clearer picture of your advertising ROI and, as a result, go a long way to establishing your faith in the reliability and truthfulness of your publisher partner.

The TAtech Traffic Quality Declaration is available to all online publishers at no charge. They may download it here and use it in their meetings with you. In addition, they can make their commitment to accuracy and transparency public by archiving their completed Declaration on the site for all to see.

So, if your publishing partners haven’t completed the Declaration, encourage them to do so. And, when it comes time to ink another deal or a new one with a publisher, insist that they first complete the Declaration and review it with you. You deserve to know how they are counting the responses to your ads and therefore what you’re getting from your advertising investment.

The TAtech Declaration on Traffic Quality is based on a single, important assumption: the vast, vast majority of online ad publishers are reputable businesses that you can trust. The Declaration is a simple, but powerful way to demonstrate that’s true … that the publishers you’re using (or thinking about using) are “on the side of the consumer” or more specifically, on your side.

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Peter Weddle is the author or editor of over two dozen books and a former columnist for The Wall Street Journal. He is also the founder and CEO of TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions. You can check out his latest books on Amazon or in the TAtech Bookstore.

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