How NASDAQ harnesses hyper-converged infrastructure and virtualization for zero downtime (VB Live)

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Hyper-converged infrastructure is great, but adding virtualization as an integral part of your stack means more savings, increased IT agility, advanced multi-cloud ability and more. To learn more about how virtualization can remove complexity and increase efficiency, and how to choose the right HCI tool, catch up now on this VB live event!

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Hyper-convergence really is a different paradigm in how we deploy data center infrastructure, says Mike Wronski, principal marketing manager at Nutanix, different from the traditional three tiers, or a storage array, some compute, and networking in between. By bringing storage and compute together in more of an appliance, turnkey model, it’s a way to simplify using standard off-the-shelf hardware.

“But we can go further,” Wronski says. “We don’t see that as the endgame of simplifying data centers. We see it as the foundational first step.”

For Bhavani Yellapragada, VP DevOps


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