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Peter Weddle

There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of blog posts and articles published about the HR / TA field every week. Most are helpful discussions of tactics and strategy – they provide insights you can use with your day-to-day responsibilities. Every now and then, however, it’s beneficial, even cathartic to step back from that workday focus and read opinion pieces that truly qualify as thought leadership. We call them HyperIdeas.

The Case for National Talent Pools

By: Christine Hampton

“There is a new consideration in the talent industry called national talent pools. A national talent pool means, in simple terms, that the CRM or ATS company you purchased organizational licenses for can transfer passive candidate talent pools from client to client, universally.

“Let me say it another way. In the future, you will purchase a CRM, and it will come auto stuffed with hundreds or even thousands of leads in the form of talent pools for the occupational sectors you desire. What? Cha-ching, right?”

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The Rise of the Generalist: The New Worker

By: Kevin Wheeler

“Jobs once said, ‘Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our hearts sing.’

“To thrive is to become as broadly and generally educated as possible, A thorough grounding in basic subjects such as language, history, government, science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, philosophy, ethics, geography, music and art will provide a foundation for making better decisions. The so called “renaissance person” will be in demand.

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Now Hiring AI Futurists: It’s Time for Artificial Intelligence to Take a Seat in the C-Suite

By: Brian Solis

“COVID-19 disruption has left enterprises with no choice but to reassess digital transformation investments and roadmaps. While less important projects are delayed, transformation projects involving AI and automation are receiving a lot of attention right now. In just the last 60 days, the adoption of varying levels of AI technologies across the enterprise surged with an incredible sense of urgency.

“One area where AI can make a tremendous impact — yet one we’re not really talking about it — is modeling future scenarios based on myriads of new data stemming from pandemic disruption. Beyond automation, adding an AI Futurist as a virtual strategic advisor to the C-Suite can help executives navigate this Novel Economy as it takes shape over the next 36 months. In a time when no playbook, expertise, or best practices exist, perhaps this is AI’s moment to shine

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