Intel unveils GPU for servers with Tencent, Gamestream, and Ubitus

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Intel showed off a long-awaited chip today, the first standalone graphics processing unit (GPU) for the server market. That’s a good thing for Intel, as we know it can make lots of money in datacenters.

And when it comes to graphics processing in the datacenter — needed for highly parallel processing tasks — Intel’s rivals Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices have been making all the money.

Intel is working with various software and services partners, including Gamestream, Tencent Games, and Ubitus, to bring the Intel Server GPU to market.

Tencent teamed up with Intel for volume-based server deployments of their new GameMatrix cloud gaming platform, offering over 100 popular games. With Intel Xeon scalable processors, a complete software stack and H3C XG310 PCIe add-in card that contains four


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