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It’s undeniable that we’ve entered a new era of talent and with change brings different needs and the demand for invention. Perhaps that’s why pundits and staffing leaders alike are seeing an incredible surge of staffing firm technologies in the past year.

It wasn’t that long ago, the situation was very different. Short on time, short on money and eager to get the placement first, staffing firms were, by and large, all about volume. Fortune (and massive fees) favored the boldest and fastest. Margins favored those staffing firms who could get a great placement without all the bells and whistles.

Fast forward to 2019 when candidates sit firmly in the driver’s seat and recruiters are tasked with more than filling a requirement. Today’s staffing firms are espousing technology at a rate that would surprise their counterparts from yesteryear, in some cases leading the charge before corporate colleagues. Here are


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