Interview Assessment Standards Are Coming

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Interview assessment standards are coming. We knew this would happen, the Talent Acquisition community just wasn’t entirely sure when it would happen. If you’re confident in the way your company currently uses assessments, you’re in rare company. According to the Global Talent Report, most TA professionals don’t really want to adopt new interviewing tactics and techniques, noting “new interviewing techniques (e.g., soft skills assessments and job auditions) are gaining favor as ways to augment traditional interviews, but adoption is still early at just 56% noting it as important or very important.

However, say the word “assessments” in any room of Talent Acquisition professionals and you might find yourself explaining just what you mean. There are 5 main assessment categories we’re seeing infiltrate the market. We’ll explore the pros and cons of each and then dive into how interview standards could be applied in the future.

Soft Skills Assessments



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