Job Board Founders & CEO Tract

Peter Weddle

At TAtech Europe and TAtech North America

An exclusive feature of TAtechEurope and TAtechNorthAmerica this year will be the Job Board Founders & CEOs Track.  It will focus on the considerations and challenges of preparing a TA technology company for investment or acquisition.

The Track is a FREE and integral part of the program at both conferences. It includes the following:

1. One-of-a-Kind Research

Access to a special White Paper developed by Colin LeStrange, a former job board owner who is now an investment banker. The White Paper covers the following topics:
• HR/TA Tech Market Insights;
• The 3 phases of preparing for and executing a successful investment/acquisition strategy;
• The kinds of advisory and support services that will help promote your success;
• The kinds of information an investor/acquirer will want to see and when in the process;
• Who typically performs a company’s valuation and what factors are considered;
• And much more!

2. Meet the Author

A presentation and discussion with Colin LeStrange, the White Paper author, on the key take-aways from the publication. The session will be held on Thursday morning March 26 in CentrEd at 7:45-8:30 am. Sign up to attend at the TAtech Registration Desk in ExCel on Wednesday March 25 or in CentrEd on Thursday, March 26.

3. Verbalizing Your Value Proposition

A presentation during RECex, the Ted Talk of Talent Acquisition, on the best practices for introducing your company and its value proposition to potential investors/acquirers. The session will take place Thursday morning at 8:45 am in CentrEd and be delivered by Alex Murphy, who won the Startup Competition at Unleash World last year when he presented his company JobSynch.

4. Explore Opportunities

Take advantage of the online scheduler that TAtech will release prior to TAtechEurope and set up meetings with key figures at the conference who can move your business forward. They include:
• Influencers like Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman of HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast and Matt Alder of the Recruiting Futures Podcast;
• Analysts like George LaRocque of #HRWins and Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research; and
• Industry leaders from all over the EMEA and North American markets.

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