Job Board Journalist: Most Innovative Recruitment Sites & Solutions Announced

Peter Weddle

TAtech’s Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (ReSIs) are unique among the awards programs offered in the HR and talent acquisition fields. And today, the 2017 Finalists in each of the twelve award categories are being announced.

What makes the ReSIs so special?

First, the ReSIs underscore the importance of recruiters. All of the attention focused on “optimizing the candidate experience” is fine, but progress has been slow for one very important reason: You can’t improve what happens to job seekers until you first improve the tools and technology made available to recruiters. Asking them to make life better for candidates without giving them effective resources is like asking authors to pen a great novel with quills and parchment. They can do it, but it sure would be easier and more productive with a computer and word processing software.

Unlike any other awards program, the ReSIs are designed to correct that oversight by celebrating the talent acquisition sites, products and services, organizations and individuals that are optimizing the recruiter’s experience.

Second, the ReSIs respect the views of all recruiters. Its Finalists and Winners are not determined by appointed selection committees or panels of pundits. They are not picked by some organization’s insider group or by a bunch of vendors patting themselves on the back. These awards are intended to recognize the individuals, organizations, products and services that are optimizing the recruiter’s experience, so participation in the selection process is open to recruiters everywhere and the results reflect their choices.

Each year’s ReSI Winners are determined by recruiters and HR professionals in an annual online ballot that measures the scope and intensity of customer support for each Nominee – it’s not a scientific survey, but is does represent the voice of the User.

The Finalists for the 2017 ReSI Awards are:

Most Innovative Big Data Solution
Appcast PX | Job Ad Auction Technology for Agencies & Employers
Nexxt – Text2Hire Text Recruitment
Recruitics Analytics – FREE Recruitment Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Most Innovative Cloud-Based Solution

Most Innovative Mobile Solution
Jobalign’s Candidate Engagement Platform (CEP)

Most Innovative Recruitment Advertising Solution
Appcast Brand | Targeted Employer Brand Advertising
Jobs2Careers Predictions
Recruitics Action – Programmatic Job Advertising Optimization & Automation Platform

Most Innovative Social Media Solution
GoBe – The Job Bot

Most Innovative Enterprise Solution
Digi-Me: Digital Candidate Expectation Videos
Nexxt – Text and Email Campaign Builder

Most Innovative SMB Solution

Innovator of the Year – Small Employment Site

Innovator of the Year – Large Employment Site

Innovator of the Year – Employment Site Partner
Appcast Inventory | Revenue Optimization for Job Sites
RealMatch’s Programmatic Job Board Platform for Digital Publishers

Innovator of the Year – Recruitment Blogger
Joel Cheesman
Jessica Miller-Merrell
Tim Sackett

Innovator of the Year – Business Leader
Tim Dineen, Recruitics
Fred Goff,
Howard Schwartz, Crowded

The 2017 ReSI winners will be announced at the ReSI Awards Gala on September 28th, during the TAtech Fall Congress & World Job Board Forum. The celebration – known as the best party in recruiting – is open to all. Join us!

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