Job Board Journalist: The Questions We Never Have Time to Ask

Peter Weddle

We live in turbulent times. Working at a job board can sometimes feel like you’re careening from one crisis to another with barely a moment to catch your breath. If it’s not some major new company entering the market, it’s a new product being launched by a competitor; if it’s not the departure of your champion at one of your most important customers, it’s a server or network or application problem. There just never seems to be the time to step back and think about the big picture – the dynamics that will shape your site and its business in the months and years ahead.

And yet, there’s absolutely no doubt that having such a broader perspective is essential to your site’s success. Business is equal parts fixing today’s problems and preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges. One is the foundation for tactics, the other is the foundation for strategy. So, at the risk of losing you to whatever crisis will erupt in the next few moments, I’m going to lay out at least some of the big picture questions you should be thinking about in order to prepare appropriately for the future.


• What is innovation in the talent acquisition solutions business in general and the recruitment advertising segment in particular? Does it only happen in technology or can there be innovation in branding, business practices and other aspects of your company?

• How important is innovation in recruiting? Clearly, it’s the lifeblood of commercial products, but does innovation by a job board really matter when many of our customers are risk averse and budget constrained?


• Job board-ATS integration remains a serious problem, undercutting both the perception of job board performance and the candidate experience. Countless efforts have been made over the years to resolve this situation to no avail, so what should job boards do?

• Are customers looking for more comprehensive recruiting solutions or will they continue to buy recruitment advertising ala carte? If they now want one-stop resources, what’s the best way for a job board to acquire and integrate additional products and services?


• What new players could enter the market in the next 12-36 months that might pose an existential threat to traditional publishers of recruitment advertising? Are there strategies a job board can adopt that will enable it to stay relevant in the marketplace?

• Given the increasingly crowded recruitment advertising market, can and should a job board reset itself and do so in a way that makes it a disruptive force in the industry? What are the internal and external challenges of doing so?


• What new technologies could emerge in the next 12-36 months that might transform the composition, practices, budget and/or role of employer and staffing firm recruiting teams? How will such changes affect the recruitment advertising market?

• Are there ways for a job board to leverage emerging technologies in order to retain and even advance its position in the market? What are the cultural, political and financial challenges of doing so?

It’s normal to put these and similar questions aside in the face of a job board’s day-to-day challenges. Doing so, however, means we won’t trip over the rock right in front of us, but will almost certainly fall into the abyss just down the road. The smart job board, therefore, figures out a way to avoid both.

Food for thought,

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