Job Board Journalist: The Meme of the Moment

Peter Weddle

The recruiting funnel has become the meme of the moment. It uses colorful bands to depict the timing and role of technology-based solutions and the recruiter behaviors they foster in the talent acquisition process. I suppose that’s helpful in establishing what’s involved – although even that is subject to debate – but this multicolored stack has had little impact on what it’s like to go through all those bands. It’s barely moved the needle on improving the candidate experience.

Google returned 10,500,000 sources when I asked “what is the recruiting funnel?” earlier this week. The earliest comment I could find was from 2012; the most recent was posted last week. While most described it as a visual representation of the recruiting process, almost as many had a different opinion on what was included in that process.

Some featured strategies such as branding, recruitment marketing and data-based analysis. Others focused on specific types of solutions such as job boards, corporate career sites and ATS. And still others cited technologies such as programmatic ad buying, social media and artificial intelligence.

Despite these differences, virtually all identified one or both of two reasons for an employer to focus on its recruiting funnel:
• to improve recruiting outcomes – acquiring high caliber new hires at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time
• to improve the candidate experience – facilitating each person’s participation in the process while showing them the courtesy and respect they deserve.

These two outcomes are, of course, related. It’s virtually impossible to improve recruiting outcomes without first improving the candidate experience. There are always exceptions to that general rule, but employers seldom recruit the best prospects when those prospects have to hold their noses as they transit the recruiting process.

And yet, despite those 10,500,000 opinions on how best to use the recruiting funnel, many employers still feel the need to celebrate those among their number who get it right. Each year, they throw a big party to bestow awards on the companies that “optimize the candidate experience.” By definition, that means those winners are the outliers – the standouts. In other words, lots of employers may be using the funnel – and many are working diligently to do so – but the results to date haven’t done much for candidates.

Why is that?

In most depictions of the funnel, something is missing. There’s no mention at all – or only a passing reference to – the interoperability of all those strategies, solutions and technologies. To be effective, they have to operate in conjunction with and support of one another, and yet, that kind of seamless interaction fails to warrant any consideration let alone a colored band in the vast majority of funnels.

For example, how easy is it for a job seeker to apply for a job via a job board and have their data accurately posted to a company’s ATS? The transfer of data between employment sites and applicant tracking systems has been problematic for years, and yet, a solution to that potentially lousy experience never seems to find its way into the funnel (except by forcing the candidate to use one site or another exclusively).

That’s why the TAtech Fall Congress & World Job Board Forum will be conducting a panel on The Solutions Ecosystem & the Candidate Experience. It will feature Joe Essenfeld, CEO of JIBE, a leading career site provider; Gaurav Dosi, PM-Jobs at Facebook, representing social media sites; Diane Smith, CEO of the ATS Gr8 People; and a senior exec from a job board to be named. They will address the interoperability problem and other challenges generated by a multipart recruiting funnel that is little more than a pretty picture unless it genuinely improves the candidate experience.

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