Job Board Journalist: A Trip Down Memory Lane

As we approach year’s end, I thought I’d look back at some of the issues I covered in what was a very memorable year for job boards and the entire talent acquisition solutions industry.

First, however, I want to wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with good health and great success. I’m very grateful that you spend a couple of minutes each week reading my posts and hope they provide some useful food for thought as you plot your course through the year.

And now, here are three of my favorite Job Board Journalist posts in 2017:

Job Board Journalist: What Killed Print Classifieds & Why Should Job Boards Care?
March 1, 2017

Newspapers used to rake in billions of dollars a year with their Help Wanted classifieds. Now they don’t. Why? Why were some of the most powerful media on the planet unable to hang onto their recruitment advertising customers? Hint – it wasn’t the speed or the cost-effectiveness of job board technology.

That’s the conventional wisdom. Job boards began to populate the Web in the mid-1990s, introducing a technology that made online recruitment advertising cheaper, faster and more effective than the print classifieds. The role of technology, however, was secondary to the real reason for newspapers’ loss: lousy customer relations.

Newspapers had been the only game in town for so long, they got out of the habit of building customer relationships, except with their largest and most important advertisers. In effect, they became order takers. They had legions of in-bound telephone sales people who didn’t know the person on the other end of the call at all; they just took down the insertion orders of customers who had no other option for reaching talent.

It was a sweetheart deal … until the sweethearts had other options….

Job Board Journalist: Talking About Walking as an Ethical Business
December 6, 2017

As the Bard began, “in this winter of our discontent,” there seems to be no end of organizations with challenged ethical standards. Hardly a day goes by without a new report of yet another broken law or still more dishonorable or contemptable actions. This blizzard of bad behavior not only affects those involved, it also casts a cloud over the good work and reputation of other businesses. And that includes job boards.

This persistently negative coverage has the potential to overwhelm the ethical credibility and positive reputations of all companies. Don’t believe it? Consider this: the 2017 Gallup Survey of the public’s confidence in institutions ranks Big Business near the bottom, with just 21 percent of the respondents giving it a thumbs up. Its ranking was only better than that of the U.S. Congress, HMOs and news on the Internet.

Yet, that confidence is incredibly important to a job board’s bottom line results. It is the foundation to believability, and believability – more than any other single factor – influences customer decision-making….

Job Board Journalist: Old Fashioned Vision Isn’t Enough
April 5, 2017

The highest compliment you can pay a leader these days is to say he or she has vision. Typically, that means they can see far enough into the future to identify and avoid pitfalls and uncover and exploit opportunities. There’s just one problem, in this time of discontinuous change, seeing straight ahead is only half the challenge. What’s also needed is “curvilinear vision” or the ability to see around corners.

Competitors never stand still, so it’s essential that job board owners and operators recognize and prepare for tomorrow’s as well as today’s challenges. Certainly, you can’t ignore what confronts you in the present, but neither can you wait to deal with the future until it arrives.

In the past, the complete array of competitive threats was directly in front of you. Look out far enough and you could see everything that might put your job board at risk. In effect, leadership vision was a linear function.

Today, the competitive array includes emerging technologies as well as innovative applications of extant technologies – all of which are still under development but could mature quickly and become a real and present danger. They are not directly in front of you, but are hiding in plain sight … around the corner. And, that’s why you need both linear and curvilinear vision in order to be appropriately prepared….

Food for thought,

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