TAtech provides its members with a range of services, resources and activities that benefit their operations and financial performance, including:



  • The Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (ReSIs) – an annual awards program that recognizes the organizations, sites, individuals, products and services that are Optimizing the RECRUITER Experience™.
  • Industry podcasts – aggregating industry-related broadcasts, including the TAtech Chad & Cheese Showcase Series with thought and business leaders in TA technology.
  • TAtechConnect™ – a free app that enables you to connect with others attending TAtech conferences so you can preschedule meetings with them at those events.
  • TAtech Deal Center – a unique venue at TAtech conferences that enables you to set up and hold meetings where you can explore potential B2B partnerships and do business with other organizations in the industry.
  • TAprose – a peer2peer forum offering TA technology professionals a place to discuss and debate industry issues, trends and opportunities.
  • Media Support – posting of members’ press releases on the Association’s site for promotion to the general public, the media, and the worldwide HR/TA community.
  • Branding & Promotional Support – distributing announcements of members’ upcoming webinars, product introductions, new publications and other news on TAtech’s social media channels.
  • Annual research reportsproviding Members with free access to the latest findings of two global surveys:
  • The TAtech-RealMatch Global Recruitment Advertising Survey (for employers & publishers)
  • The TAtech-reThinkData Global Survey of Applicant Tracking System Companies.
  • The TAtech Bookstore – offering books, research publications and other resources directly relevant to the talent acquisition solutions industry.
  • The TAtech Code of Ethics – enabling each member to acknowledge its commitment to practices that respect its customers, competitors, and others in the industry with the TAtech Member icon.
  • Special Interest Groups
    • Women in TAtech, a Lean In Circle for women in the talent acquisition technology industry, and
    • The Working Group on Traffic Quality, a committee developing industry standards for recruitment advertising.
  • And much, much more!




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