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Peter Weddle

TAtech is pleased to introduce a new feature that will, from time-to-time, spotlight some of the thought leaders in the talent acquisition technology industry. This week we’re profiling Mona Tawakali, a Partner at KRT Marketing.

TAtech: Tell us about your company – what does it do?

KRT Marketing is a full-service recruitment advertising agency that provides large and growing organizations with talent attraction services across the globe. Companies choose to partner with KRT because of their commitment to analytics and using data to drive marketing decisions. KRT has gained broad recognition within the industry for its PPC Portfolio Manager™, a programmatic job ads service that uses job-level rules to optimize campaign performance.

TAtech: How did you fall, stumble or choose to get into the talent acquisition solutions business?

I originally studied to be a journalist and started my professional career in the newsroom and then in the advertising sales department at the CBS San Francisco affiliate. It’s there where I developed my appreciation for the intersection of marketing, data, and storytelling.

I eventually wanted to go agency-side and moved to KRT and worked on all the non-recruitment consumer accounts. After a few years, I started to explore ways we could bring some of the more consumer-style digital marketing tactics to what we were doing on the recruitment marketing side… I guess you can say the rest is history!

TAtech: What do you think will be corporate recruiters’ biggest pain point in the next 18 months?

Change management. Recruiters must learn to work in harmony with technology to recruit the best talent more efficiently than ever before.

TAtech: What’s the hardest part of your business day?

The hardest part of my day is also the most exciting part of my job, finding innovative ways to help a very diverse set of clients solve a unique set of challenges. Every single day is different.

TAtech: What’s the biggest challenge facing those of us in the TA solutions business?

The TA solutions business is more crowded than ever, and one of the biggest challenges is breaking through that clutter. The companies that are overcoming those barriers have been able to clearly articulate what problems they are solving while also providing analytics platforms to help employers measure the value of their investment. Integrating with diverse technology stacks also brings its own set of challenges.

TAtech: Tell us about an important lesson you learned in your very first job?

One of my very first jobs was as a makeup artist, and I learned so many valuable lessons from that job. First, the importance of good communication. Knowing how to ask the right questions to develop a clear understanding of someone’s vision is critical to a successful outcome — I use a lot of the same approach in uncovering our clients’ needs and challenges today. Second, I learned how to take feedback, and use it to pivot quickly…always with a smile.

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