VidCon 1 Videos from Lisbon

This first installment of Vidcon comes from the RecEx event at TAtech Europe in Lisbon Portugal.

10 speakers gave their Ted Talk updates on forward leaning topics that are central to everyone working in, or servicing the needs of Talent Acquisition.

Session 1: Thinking Machines: From 0 to 100x in Talent Acquisition

Alexander Chukovski

Director, Experteer

Session 2: Algorithmic bias

Andreea Wade


Session 3: My Tech Doesn’t Have Bias!

Bhumika Zhaveri

CEO, Interimarket

Session 4: Ad Fraud and Recruitment Advertising, Winter is Coming!

Alex Murphy

MD, oPub Media

Session 5: CEO Succession – The Secret Hack to Improve Your Company Results

Calin Fusu

CEO, BestJobs

Session 6: Automation and Artificial Intelligence: Is Your Job Safe?

Chad Sowash & Joel Cheesman

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Session 7: Fulfilling Our Clients Hunger For Candidates

Jasper Floor

Partner Manager,

Session 8: Cultivating a Culture of Belonging for Trans Individuals in Your Workplace

Joanne Lockwood

Transgender Awareness & Inclusion Specialist

Session 9:Are We Dinosaurs Walking Amongst Millennials? [Coming Soon]

Louise Grant

CEO, Jobg8

Session 10: The Future of Talent Tech is Suggestion, Not Automation

Rene Bolier

CEO, OnRecruit

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