Menlo Security raises $100 million to beat back malware with algorithms

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Menlo Security, a provider of endpoint-free cloud solutions that protect organizations from cyberthreats, today raised $100 million at an $800 million valuation. The company says the proceeds will be put toward go-to-market, sales, and global expansion efforts.

According to some experts, cybercrime is up 600% due to the pandemic. Even before it, malware activity was on the rise, with an estimated 61% increase between December 2018 and January 2019. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a recent Accenture analysis of almost 1,000 cyberattacks revealed that malware was the most frequent type.

Enterprise-scale antimalware tools aren’t exactly novel, but what Menlo brings to the table is an air-gapped approach that cuts off networks from the web without impeding internet usage. Email attachments and web requests are proxied through the cloud-hosted Menlo Security


This article was originally published on on VentureBeat.

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