Nexon’s Rocket Arena is an accessible multiplayer shooter

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Boom indeed! Nexon and Final Strike Games are revealing Rocket Arena, a first-person multiplayer shooter game where nobody dies.

The game, which enters its closed beta test on the PC on May 23, is an accessible title where you can get into it easily, and you don’t have to worry about getting killed. I played it at a preview event in Los Angeles this week, and it was a lot of family-friendly fun.

It is a bit of an odd title for Nexon, but it is a creative, original game, and that’s consistent with the philosophy of Owen Mahoney, CEO of Nexon, who spoke at our recent GamesBeat Summit 2019 event.

Rocket launchers are often known as “noob tubes,” or weapons used by new players because it doesn’t take a lot of accuracy to damage another player. In this game, you get a nice big reticle that shows up on


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