ProBeat: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip might be for you

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Last year, when Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold, before it failed spectacularly, Evan Blass explained why it wasn’t for you. It was for early adopters. This week, Samsung unveiled its second foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. It might be for you.

Based on price alone, if you’re wondering whether you should shell out at least $1,380, the Galaxy Z Flip is the most affordable foldable phone yet. Samsung is undercutting the new Motorola Razr ($1,500), the predecessor Galaxy Fold ($1,980), and Huawei’s Mate X ($2,400). But $1,380 is still a lot to pay for a phone, so it’s fair to ask if you’re even the target audience. The Galaxy Z Flip is for you if you’re an influencer, business executive, or anyone that needs to make decisions about foldable phones.

Galaxy Z Flip disadvantages

Let’s start with why this phone might not be for you. Okay, so you have


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