Questions I’m asking myself in 2019!

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I’m constantly being asked about what are the “trends of 2019”.

Honestly, year to year trends are usually fairly unnoticeable to most people working a real job in HR and TA.

Google for Jobs was a giant trend in 2018 and yet most TA leaders still have no idea what it is and haven’t felt a real impact of it. Yet, it was a huge trend.

I can give you some great guesses about what the trends will be in 2019, but it’s fairly worthless. Me telling you that machine learning assisted automation will change how you find talent in 2019 isn’t going to really change a single thing you do.

Instead, I have all of these questions I would love to get answers to in 2019. Some of those answers will come from the industry, some will come through testing, and some will be left


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