Shopify launches web chat for merchant and customers

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Shopify’s cohort of more than 800,000 merchants and small business owners have a new way to speak to customers today with the introduction of Shopify Chat. The company’s first native chat client, Shopify Chat can host web conversations between merchants and customers using an Android or iOS device or a laptop.

Shopify Chat is free and is made for use on business websites today, but the plan is to extend Shopify Chat to SMS and Android devices in the future, Shopify product director Michael Perry told VentureBeat in an interview in San Francisco.

“Shopify Chat is going to stay focused on the online store because that’s the nature. I think we’re looking and working on partnerships, like expand within SMS. That’s obviously a clear play for us, because what we’ve done with Business Chat. We’d like to be able to recreate that in the inbox as well as through SMS,”


This article was originally published on on VentureBeat.

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