Snap debuts dual-camera Spectacles 3 glasses to create 3D AR content

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Snap’s prior forays into the hardware world haven’t been as notable as its popular social media app Snapchat, but the company is apparently committed to seeing how far its Spectacles wearables can go with users. To that end, it today revealed Spectacles 3, glasses with dual cameras built in to capture 3D depth, which it says will enable digital AR assets to interact with real world objects captured in a scene.

Unlike some creators of wearable glasses, Snap’s designs don’t hide their front-facing cameras, and instead work to integrate their shapes into the headsets. The new glasses slightly overlap the twin cameras at the outer edges of sunglass lenses, with carbon black or “hint of gold” mineral colored steel frames holding the rest of the electronics. LED lights provide recording notifications.

Capturing video or photos with Spectacles 3 is easy. Users can tap one of two buttons to record up


This article was originally published on on VentureBeat.

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