Surprising Results From Global TA Survey

Peter Weddle

Less than a month ago, TAtech conducted TAtechEurope Digital. The conference focused on the EMEA region, but its attendees were from organizations based there (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and in Central and South America, Asia, and North America. They represented both corporate HR and TA leaders and professionals as well as industry executives and their associates.

During the conference, attendees were asked a series of spot poll questions which yielded some surprising results. Here’s our report on what they had to say.

What’s the Biggest Challenge for Recruiters?

The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated economies all over the world, throwing millions of people out of work. Virtually, no profession, craft or trade has been spared, with even healthcare workers in some locales being laid off. Yet. when TAtechEurope attendees were asked, Aside from the COVID-19 crisis, what is the most significant recruiting challenge facing employers today?, the number one response was “Finding qualified talent,” cited by slightly more than four-in-ten (40.2 percent) respondents.

The rest of the top five responses were:
• 16.2% Integrating new recruiting technology into the corporate tech stack
• 12.8% Keeping track of new recruiting technology capabilities
• 11.1% Cost-per-hire
• 10.3% Time-to-hire

When Will Recovery-Driven Recruiting Begin?

Countries around the world are reopening their stores and markets, restaurants and bars, some more aggressively than others. The goal in every case, however, is the same: to get local, regional and global businesses restarted. Yet, when the conference attendees were asked, When do you think the post-COVID-19 economic recovery will begin?, the number one response was “Early in 2021,” cited by 26 percent of the respondents.

The rest of the top three responses were:
• 21% By the end of 2020
• 19% In the fall
• 16% Later this summer

What Economic Sector Will Lead the Recovery?

A wide swathe of economic sectors has been hurt by the pandemic, but nowhere has the toll been greater than in the manufacturing sector, where it’s often difficult if not impossible to maintain social distancing. Yet, when asked Which economic sector is most likely to lead the economic recovery?, the top response was industrial / manufacturing, which was selected by better than a third (35 percent) of respondents.

The rest of the top three responses were:
• 23% Telecommunications
• 15% Healthcare
• 15% Entertainment (e.g., sports, concerts)
• 12% Other

How Should Employers Restart Their Recruiting Efforts?

As employers downsize and halt their recruiting operations, there’s more and more evidence that members of their recruiting teams are being laid off. However, when asked What step should employers take first to prepare for post-COVID-19 recovery?, not a single respondent selected “Reconstitute the recruiting team.” The number one response was “Connect with laid off / furloughed employees,” which was selected by 40 percent of the respondents, followed by “Include recruiting in plans for business growth,” selected by 30 percent of respondents, and “Implement an employment branding campaign,” chosen by 20 percent of the respondents.

What Should You do Next?

These findings were generated in late April, but conventional wisdom changes almost weekly these days. So, find out what corporate and industry leaders and professionals are thinking right now, attend TAtechNorthAmerica Digital, coming up next week on May 19. Registration is free for corporate HR / TA leaders and professionals recruiting for enterprise employers, SMBs, staffing firms and RPOs and for all employees of TAtech Member companies. Others may attend for a small fee.

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