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November 16-22, 2020: NYC may restrict the use of AI in hiring, iCIMS acquires video interviewing platform EASYRECRUE, Algorithmia announces a solution for monitoring the performance of machine learning models, Beamery launches AI-driven Talent Data Platform, SmartRecruiters acquires jobpal & enters RPA market, Microsoft Teams introduces free all-day video calls to compete with Zoom, OutMatch adds Checkster to its end-to-end Talent Decision Platform. And the beat goes on.

New York City wants to restrict artificial intelligence in hiring

New York City is trying to rein in the use of algorithms used to screen job applicants. It’s one of the first cities in the U.S. to try to regulate what is an increasingly common — and opaque — hiring practice. The city council is considering a bill that would require potential employers to notify job candidates about the use of these tools, referred to as “automated decision systems.” Companies would also have to complete an annual audit to make sure the technology doesn’t result in bias. The move comes as the use of artificial intelligence in hiring skyrockets, increasingly replacing human screeners. Fortune 500 companies including Delta, Dunkin, Ikea and Unilever have turned to AI for help assessing job applicants. These tools run the gamut from a simple text reader that screens applications for particular words and phrases, to a system that evaluates videos of potential applicants to judge their suitability for the job.

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iCIMS Transforms the Digital Candidate Experience Through Acquisition of EASYRECRUE

iCIMS, the Talent Cloud company that empowers employers to attract, engage, hire, and advance the world’s best talent, announced the acquisition of EASYRECRUE, the European leader in video interviewing and digital assessment capability. EASYRECRUE delivers a Talent Experience platform to optimize the candidate and employee experience, from recruitment to internal mobility. This acquisition triples iCIMS’ global footprint, now with more than 100 employees in EMEA, and extends the capabilities of the Talent Cloud, providing its user community of more than 330 million candidates and hiring professionals with an opportunity to leverage cutting-edge video interviewing technology and assessment capabilities. This supports the critical need for customers to globally interview and assess candidates digitally, through video.

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Algorithmia announces Insights for ML model performance monitoring

Seattle-based Algorithmia has announced Insights, a solution for monitoring the performance of machine learning models. Algorithmia specialises in artificial intelligence operations and management. The company is backed by Google LLC and focuses on simplifying AI projects for enterprises just getting started. Insights aims to help enterprises to monitor the performance of their machine learning models. Many organisations currently don’t have that ability, or use a complex variety of tools and/or manual processes. Operational metrics like execution time and request identification are combined with user-defined metrics such as confidence and accuracy to identify data skews, negative feedback loops, and model drift.

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Beamery Launches New Talent Data Platform As Foundation for AI-Driven Talent Management

Beamery, the leading Talent Operating System, announced the debut of its Talent Data Platform, an AI-driven digital data hub that uses graph technology and deep learning to drive more complete, accurate and actionable talent insights than otherwise possible for candidates, freelancers and employees. This new platform, which powers the company’s Talent Operating System, utilizes more than 1 billion data points to create the first view of talent that is not only unified, but dynamic – enriching and inferring people’s evolving potential and intent, and not just who they are today. This is an evolution of the company’s data prowess, which to date has already powered the talent efforts of more than 100 global enterprise customers.

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SmartRecruiters enters RPA market with acquisition of jobpal

SmartRecruiters is excited to announce the acquisition of jobpal, an enterprise-grade chatbot technology, to take recruitment efficiency to the next level. The move enters SmartRecruiters into the rapidly growing recruitment process automation (RPA) market, where the future of recruiting prioritizes human interactions and automates repetitive, time consuming tasks. In a world where TA leaders receive 4X the candidate volume but have half the resources on their team, automation is the only way to keep up and continue to offer great experiences to everyone. As the leading talent acquisition suite, automation will be deeply embedded into every step of SmartRecruiters’ recruiting workflow engine to unlock massive efficiencies for hiring teams.

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Look out, Zoom: Microsoft Teams is offering free 24-hour video calls

Microsoft wants your Zoom business. In a move clearly designed to incentivize Zoom users to try Microsoft Teams (and hopefully switch), Microsoft is offering free all-day video calling. The browser-based product allows up to 300 participants, and you don’t need a Microsoft account or even the Microsoft Teams app to join a meeting; all you need is a browser. You can see 49 participants in gallery view. Sound familiar?

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OutMatch Acquires Checkster and Bolsters End-to-End Talent Decision Platform

OutMatch, the leading provider of digital hiring technologies, announced the acquisition of Checkster, a global provider of pre-hire and post-hire talent insights solutions. The acquisition of Checkster integrates best-in-class automated reference checking offering and post-hire insights into OutMatch’s Talent Decision Platform, which brings unique talent insights derived from the combination of assessments, job simulations, and video interviews. OutMatch empowers organizations’ talent decisions while delivering a candidate-driven recruiting experience. Checkster’s post-hire tools bridge the gap between talent selection and job performance. Linking the pre- and post-hire talent analytics within OutMatch’s Talent Decision Platform will create a newfound ability to rigorously measure quality of hire, drive increased agility throughout the talent selection process, and create higher-performing teams with improved retention.

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