TAtech Announces Lineup for Joint TAtech-UNLEASH Conference

Peter Weddle

TAtechEurope and UNLEASH will be conducting a joint mega-conference in London on March 24-26. Unlike other recruitment advertising & technology events, it offers industry execs a powerful 2-fer: meet with current and potential customers at UNLEASH and network with other industry execs and business partners at TAtechEurope.

The afternoon of Wednesday, March 25 will feature a joint Talent Acquisition Program covering many of the most important developments, issues and trends in recruitment advertising & technology. Here’s a look at the agenda:

1:00-1:05 PM     Welcome to the Talent Acquisition Program
Peter Weddle, CEO TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions

1:10-1:40 PM     Keynote: Rethinking Modern Capitalism
Expanding its focus to both shareholder and worker value
Fred Goff, CEO Jobcase (see the article about his company in Forbes)

1:45-2:30 PM     Panel: Optimizing Advertising ROI & the Candidate Experience
In today’s online job market, job openings posted on one site are often reposted on other sites. Employers see this strategy as an efficient way to ensure that top talent sees their opportunities. Optimizing recruitment advertising ROI, however, may not provide the best candidate experience. A panel of recruitment tech company and HR / Talent Acquisition execs explore how to best invest wisely online and build great candidate journeys at the same time.
Rene Bolier, CEO OnRecruit.nl
Tycho van Passen, CEO Vonq
Hannah Coley, Global Head of Process, Technology & Experience HSBC
Theo Smith, Head of Recruitment NICE.org

2:35-3:05 PM     Fireside Chat: Buying Tech Smart, Implementing It Smarter
Technology is constantly advancing, providing more powerful and efficient recruitment tools. Knowing which tools will interoperate with those already in an employer’s TA tech stack and how best to ensure that integration is effective is a huge challenge. A fireside chat with the CEO of a major tech company and the head of recruitment for a global employer on lessons learned and best practices in acquiring and implementing new TA technology tools.
Eyal Grayevsky, CEO Mya Systems
Arjan Spies, Head of Recruitment CarNext.com
Interviewer: Roy Jacques, MD UK & EMEA Appcast

3:10-3:40 PM     Point-Counter Point: What’s the Best Way to Keep Biases Out of Tech-Based Recruiting?
Recruitment teams are increasingly reliant on AI, machine learning and automation for sourcing, CRM and assessment, yet there have been a number of reports of gender, racial and other biases in the data sets and algorithms used in their development. A point-counter point discussion with the CEO of an AI company and a leading expert in the mitigation of bias in corporate tech products, exploring strategies for identifying and eliminating such prejudices.
Athena Karp, CEO HiredScore
Aaron Crews, Chief Data Analytics Officer Littler Mendelson, P.C.

3:45-4:20 PM     Panel: How Will Automation Change the Role of Recruiters
From chatbots and interviewing robots to AI directed recruitment advertising and end-to-end talent acquisition platforms powered by AI, technology is transforming both how recruitment is accomplished and the role of recruiters. A panel of corporate and industry executives will sort through the hype and discuss the real near and longer-term implications of recruitment automation.
Maxime Droux, CEO neuvoo
Andreea Wade, CEO Opening.io
Chris Wray, Group Head of Recruitment, Sainsbury (invited)
Michael Stopps, SR Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Delivery Hero (invited)

4:25-4:45 PM     RECex Talk: The Titanicity – Resetting the Future of Work & the Planet
Modelled after Ted Talks, this presentation will explore the convergence of two mega trends – the Technological Singularity or the rise of intelligent machines in the workplace and the Climatic Singularity or the rise of the earth’s temperature in every region of the planet – and their implications for working men and women. A session with just 5 slides by a former Wall Street Journal columnist and the author of more than two dozen HR books, including Circa 2118: What Humans Will Do When Machines Take Over.
Peter Weddle, CEO TAtech

4:55-5:00 PM     Closing

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