TAtech Announces Two Virtual Conferences

Peter Weddle

While COVID-19 has halted office meetings and business trips, it has not ended the need for ongoing professional development and networking among colleagues and customers. To help meet that need and its social responsibility, TAtech is pleased to announce that it will be holding two virtual regional conferences highlighting the latest innovations and ideas in talent acquisition and talent acquisition technology.

TAtechEurope Digital (April 28-29) will focus on the EMEA region.

TAtechNorthAmerica Digital (May 19-20) will focus on the United States and Canada.

To support the widest possible participation, TAtech will offer free registration to:
• HR and TA leaders and professionals who are recruiting for enterprise employers, SMBs, staffing firms and RPOs; and
• Executives and professionals at TAtech Member organizations.

Those working at other organizations will be able to register for a fee.

As noted on the conference sites, both events offer a number of unique benefits, including:
• The Headliners Program, featuring HR, recruiting and industry speakers from both North America and Europe exploring the latest developments, use cases and lessons learned in all segments of talent acquisition and talent acquisition technology.
• The TA Tech Showcase, shining a spotlight on some of North America and Europe’s most innovative talent acquisition technology companies with products in programmatic ad buying, automated diversity & high-volume recruitment, and more.
• The Business Optimizer, presenting a special briefing on job board and TA tech company valuation and the investment and acquisition process by a former job board owner who is now Director, HR Technology Investing at a global investment bank. All attendees will receive a free copy of his White Paper: Perspectives on Strategic Alternatives for Job Boards & Other TA Tech Companies.
• TAtech eCard Exchange, enabling registered attendees to exchange contact information with others at the virtual event will be able to do so through the TAtech eCard Exchange. Yes, it’s not the same as face-to-face networking, but it does provide a way to invite and receive business connections.

Registration for both conferences will be available shortly.

We at TAtech recognize that online events do not provide the same kind of experience as those in the real world. However, we think that, in the absence of face-to-face interactions, there’s considerable value in using the virtual medium both to reinforce current connections and make new ones and to stay abreast of best practices, innovative ideas and new technology-based recruitment products. For both of those reasons, we hope you’ll join us at our digital conferences.

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