TAtech Global News Bulletin: CareerBuilder sells a subsidiary, GfJ adds new rules & TMP is acquired

Peter Weddle

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“We’re on the cusp of witnessing blockchain technology revolutionize human resources processes in significant ways. Blockchain is most often associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but blockchain technology has the ability to influence and affect much more than just currency. Human resources will be affected by blockchain technology in a number of arenas- from payroll to recruiting and hiring. Because blockchain, if put simply, automates the flow of information through a decentralized public domain, HR professionals will be able to use this technology to build more direct and accurate systems.”

Or Hillel, What Blockchain Technology Means for HR, RecruitingBlogs, April 26, 2018

Movers & Shakers

Joe Kelly has been named president of Jobletics Inc. Previously, he held senior positions with grocery chains including chairman and CEO of Marsh Supermarkets.

ICYMI, Constance Melrose, VP Corporate Development at Dice and a former TAtech Board Member, is retiring. Previously, she was Managing Director of eFinancial Careers at Dice.

Job Boards, Social Media Sites & Recruitment Advertising

CareerBuilder is selling its Economic Modeling Specialists International business to the nonprofit Strada Education Network. Also known as Emsi, the business is an economic software firm specializing in employment data and labor market analysis. The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter, subject to customary regulatory reviews and approvals. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. CareerBuilder had acquired Emsi in 2012. Source: Staffing Industry Analysts

If you’re a job board outside the U.S., consider yourself warned. Google is coming. It was a just a matter of time, but Google is finally rolling out its vertical job search solution, commonly known as Google for Jobs, to the world. Announced this month, the feature is live in Canada and India. Source: ERE

Closed job listings have caused confusion for job searchers, so Google will apply new guidelines for job seeking, while implying that websites that display results for closed jobs will be punished. In the section for removing job posts, Google warns, “Jobs that are no longer open for applications must be expired …. Failure to take timely action on expired jobs may result in a manual action.” Job listings that violate the guidelines won’t show up as a rich result on Google search. The job posts would remain listed, however. Source: JobsPortalWatch

Monster, a leading solution for connecting people and jobs, is reaffirming its commitment to advancing the lives of job seekers through meaningful enhancements and algorithm changes geared towards helping reduce the stress, anxiety, and time waste of job searching. Over the past several weeks, the Monster team has begun to introduce improvements to the existing user experience—a process that will be ongoing while teams are also working on product innovations that are expected to be revealed over the next several months. Changes in recent weeks are aimed at: Refining the Matching Process, Improving the User Experience, and Helping People Create Their Best Resume. Source: Media Release

Sourcing, Matching, Assessing, Communicating (SMAC) Technology

Gemspring Capital, a private equity firm specializing in lower middle market companies, announced that an affiliate has partnered with the management team of TMP Worldwide (“TMP” or the “Company”) to acquire the Company, a global provider of recruitment marketing software and digital services. TMP is a global player in talent acquisition technologies and offers clients a full suite of solutions for needs across every end market and candidate profile. Through its TalentBrew software platform, TMP powers candidate experiences for the world’s largest employers and hundreds of millions of candidates annually. TMP is headquartered in New York City and serves its clients from 14 offices across the United States, as well as international locations in Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, India and Singapore. Source: Media Release

Lumesse announced the release of their Partner Marketplace, a dedicated partner micro-site which provides users an overview of the third-party tools and services that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing Talent Acquisition suite. The portal released in early 2018 will allow visitors (primarily existing Lumesse Customers) to easily access the ecosystem of Talent Acquisition partners Lumesse is currently working with. At the site, visitors will be able to browse ‘partner apps’ by product category or using an intuitive search function and assess individual partners via detailed app card listings that outline the benefits, features and current integration options available. The Marketplace will also provide the channel for customers to request additional apps to be added, and for prospective partners, the opportunity to request admittance to the growing community. Source: Media Release

SpringRole, a startup using industrial blockchain and the SPRING utility token to streamline verification of career information, has launched a partner program with some leading players in crypto and support services. The startup also has launched a referral program that gives new users a financial incentive to participate in the company’s professional network. SpringRole is focused on solving the challenges of hiring technical professionals, especially in countries like India, for outsourcing and global services arrangements. Blockchain technology is coupled with the SPRING utility token for attestation of educational and certification attainment, validation of work history and scoring of professional network referrals for skill sets. Source: Media Release

AI & Machine Learning

A Russian startup has created a new way to help companies connect with job-seekers and interview them. Her name is Vera, and she’s able to interview as many as 1,500 job candidates in a single work day, sorting through potential hires at a rate that would take most recruiters months to match. She even sends customized follow-up emails. Perhaps more attractive — as far as her clients are concerned — is that Vera works full time for free and never burns out. Her secret: not being human. Officially known as “Robot Vera,” the master recruiter is an artificially intelligent software technology that uses machine learning, allowing her to refine her conversational skills with more practice. At the moment, Vera is being employed by several hundred Russian companies to simplify the ongoing hunt for new hires, according to Alexei Kostarev, 38, who co-founded Robot Vera with several partners in 2017. Source: The Washington Post

Read the results of the inaugural TAtech-Fluent Survey of Consumer Perceptions of AI. Every consumer is either a potential or actual job seeker or a recruiter, and this annual survey will provide one-of-a-kind insights on how they view the role and impact of artificial intelligence in the workplace. Though limited to American workers, it offers a fascinating look at emerging perceptions of this powerful technology and how jobs and careers are or will be changing.

Standards & Best Practices

TAtech is launching the next phase of the International Working Group on Traffic Quality. Click here to see the Declaration on Traffic Quality produced by the first phase. If you’d like to be a part of this unique group that is setting definitions and standards for online recruitment advertising, please contact Peter Weddle at peterweddle@tatech.org. The Group is open to all publishers worldwide.

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