TAtech Global News Bulletin: Facebook, LinkedIn & Google launch new features, Blind says it’s the ‘real time Glassdoor’ and blockchain company APPII partners with a job board

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“With the growing popularity of Glassdoor, Indeed, and other sites that provide anonymous employee reviews, it’s no surprise that the most popular professional networking site in the world is now beta testing ratings.

From the looks of it, LinkedIn is taking a Facebook spin on the popular thumbs-up or down with reviews, and asking very specific questions…. LinkedIn is quick to note ‘Your response is private and will not be shared with your company or shown on your profile.’ However, if only users with the company in their profile as a current employer will have the opportunity to submit feedback, then a certain level of anonymity is off the table….

Word is some employees are having an issue with LinkedIn asking such questions, because it kind of looks like the company itself is asking for feedback, as opposed to LinkedIn asking. I think that’s mostly fear talking and companies hoping LinkedIn won’t move this feedback option out of beta, but I think that’s a pipe dream.”
Joel Cheesman, Guess Who’s Competing With Glassdoor Now?, Hire Daily, November 13, 2017

Job Boards & Social Media Sites

eQuest reported that it has amassed in excess of 90 billion job board performance records – a database of job seeker and job board search and trending data that it claims is the largest in the world. The data – which measure the actual effectiveness of online job advertising across a multitude of career sites, social networks, compliance and outreach locations, and search engines globally – can be used to calculate and predict future hiring trends and strategize better overall job board spending while realizing better candidate quality results.

Facebook recently unveiled a new program geared toward aiding small business hiring in the U.S. The program is called Facebook Community Boost. The social media’s newest initiative aims to help companies grow through Facebook’s network, which includes Workplace, while also educating job seekers in the digital skills they need for an increasingly internet-driven job market. Facebook Community Boost will tour 30 U.S. cities in the coming year, including Houston, Greenville, South Carolina, St. Louis, Albuquerque, and Des Moines. After launching, Facebook said it will name the 25 other U.S. cities.

Google has announced a number of updates to help job hunters in the U.S. find gainful employment directly through Google Search. For starters, the broader job search functionality was only available on the desktop and through mobile phones, but now it’s also available on tablets. And in addition to basic information about a job, Google Search will now reveal salary information — not necessarily how much a company is offering for a specific advertised position, but an estimated salary range based on job titles, location, and the employer. This data is garnered from the likes of PayScale, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Other new features include more controls over location, with users now able to filter by specifying a distance from a desired location, for example “up to 2 miles” or “up to 30 miles.” And finally, job seekers will be able to choose which job search engine to use when applying for a job that is listed across multiple sites, such as CareerBuilder or Monster.

LinkedIn blocked individuals from posting jobs on its site in China in order to comply with new government regulations that require it to verify a person’s identity when using the site to recruit. Employers are still able to post jobs as before. As reported in The New York Times, the government crackdown, which was applicable to all employment sites, was caused by “a rash of online hiring scams, mostly for pyramid schemes.”

Nomad Health, which operates an online marketplace for freelance healthcare jobs, announced that it has expanded into the rapidly growing telemedicine jobs market. After raising a $4 million Series A round in 2016, Nomad Health has launched its freelance platform for doctors and nurses, and now the company is broadening its technology to connect doctors directly with telehealth employers – making it the first online marketplace for telemedicine jobs.

FMW Media Works Corporation, which provides marketing strategy, advertising, and marketing communication services to OTC and small cap companies, announced its partnership with Recruiter.com Media Group, the media arm of a recruiting information site. FMW will now offer its clients Recruiter.com Media Group’s social media marketing services. With more than 10 million network members across more than 70 LinkedIn groups – including the largest LinkedIn groups for CFOs, CIOs, and CMOs – Recruiter.com Media Group provides tremendous value to FMW clients through extremely targeted marketing communications to a large audience of professionals and qualified individuals.

Sourcing, Matching, Assessing, Communicating (SMAC) Technology

APPII, the world’s first blockchain career verification platform, announced it is partnering with Technojobs to launch the first ever verified career profiles. This will enable candidates of Technojobs to present verified CVs to employers for the first time. The APPII platform allows individuals to create dynamic career profiles which are verified using blockchain technology. These ‘Intelligent Profiles’ represent the first time in the global recruitment industry that candidates can use blockchain technology to verify qualifications, career history, and other career achievements. For recruiters, this collaboration not only provides the reassurance that all information on a candidate’s application is accurate, but also significantly reduces the cost and time to hire – a major benefit to employers, particularly in the public sector and financial services, where extensive personal background checks take place.

While most employers are familiar with Glassdoor and Indeed as platforms for submitting anonymous employee reviews, far less are familiar with Blind, a native mobile app that touts itself as a “real-time Glassdoor” in ads. Up till now, critical mass has eluded the company outside the tech sector running from Seattle to Silicon Valley, but that may start to change with the company announcing that it will provide a desktop version later this month. The move will certainly introduce the app to a lot of people who hadn’t heard of it before. If nothing else, casually visiting a web site takes much less commitment than downloading an app on your iPhone or Android device. It also means content currently unavailable to non-users will be available for readership outside of the app. This also likely means content for Google to start indexing and making available in searches. Source: Joel Cheesman, The App That Calls Itself ‘The Real Time Glassdoor’ Is Coming to Your Desktop, November 15, 2017.

Standards & Best Practices

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