TAtech Global News Bulletin: Leafbuyer blows into the market, Monster sells some businesses & Strive Talent raises dough

Peter Weddle

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“Traditional recruitment doesn’t work because it’s like roaming the neighborhood knocking on doors and seeing if the owners are interested in selling.

Recruiters typically search for talent on LinkedIn and contact people that seem like a good fit. They contact them one-by-one, hoping one of them will be interested in their offer.

It is sad to acknowledge that after almost 60 years of traditional recruiting (since employers started to pay placement fees) and more than 15 years since LinkedIn was founded, nothing dramatically has changed in the traditional recruitment industry.

Yes, recruiters — both internal and external — are still roaming the neighborhood, knocking on doors.

I believe that change is around the corner. New technologies based on AI and machine learning are changing the recruitment landscape.

With all the information available online, especially on social networks, technology can provide a picture of the talent marketplace for jobs, particularly hard-to-fill jobs. Additionally, algorithms that match candidates and predict the likelihood that someone would change jobs are changing the hiring market, eliminating manual processes …

But technology can’t do it alone.

Recruitment still needs the human touch. After all, we are dealing with people. We still need human expertise with the human touch to pre-qualify candidates or even help them put their best foot forward by refining resumes, salary negotiation or interview techniques.

Gal Almog, Technology is Great, But Recruitment Still Needs Human Touch, Recruiting Daily, January 29, 2018

Job Boards, Social Media Sites & Recruitment Advertising

Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: LBUY) (“Leafbuyer”), an online resource for cannabis deals and specials, announced the expansion of its Online Job Board, adding to its database more than 4,000 cannabis-related jobs in the U.S. and Canada. The new online career-finder helps users begin or advance their careers in one of the most vibrant and growing industries. The site includes full-time and part-time job listings for budtenders, sales specialists, delivery drivers, general managers and much more. The online job board also includes positions in Canada, which, like the U.S. is experiencing tremendous growth in the industry.

LinkedIn groups were once thriving communities of professionals who shared common business interests. There was simply no better place to go on the Internet for industry- related discussions and networking. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, LinkedIn removed groups from the core features and banished them to a difficult-to-find back page on the site. Now, mostly abandoned by the users and group owners, they have become virtual ghost towns where only the most desperate spammers roam. Last month, LinkedIn began notifying group owners by sending them a message announcing a renewed focus on groups by re-integrating them into the core user experience during 2018. Groups will be accessible from the homepage on both desktop and mobile, and content shared in groups will begin appearing in the main news feed. The new groups on LinkedIn will feature improved communication tools including the ability to @mention other members in conversations. Whether group owners and admins will have expanded capabilities to monitor conversations remains to be seen.

The Lobby is an online marketplace where job candidates buy affordable 1-on-1 calls with entry-level employees at top companies on Wall Street in exchange for personalized recruiting advice and the chance to earn an employee referral. Our vision is to use technology to democratize access to 1-on-1 mentorship that can help candidates land the best jobs without needing an inside connection. We’re backed by world class organizations such as Y Combinator (W18), Kairos Society, Tacklebox Accelerator, and WeWork Labs.

Quess Corp, an integrated business services provider in India, announced that it has signed definitive agreements to buy Monster India and its business in South East Asia and the Middle East (“Monster”) from Monster Worldwide Inc. The transactions are expected to close in the next few weeks, subject to the fulfillment of customary closing conditions and required statutory approvals. The acquired business has operations across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sourcing, Matching, Assessing, Communicating (SMAC) Technology

ClearCompany, a talent management software solution that helps companies identify, hire and engage more A Players, announced a partnership and industry-leading integration with Checkr, a background check platform for the modern economy. Customers of the two software providers can now seamlessly experience ClearCompany’s award-winning Applicant Tracking System, combined with Checkr’s best-in-class offering for screening, compliance and security. This partnership enables mutual clients to better manage their talent, while at the same time allowing for efficient, accurate and customizable background checks.

Digital Profile, based in Wales, enables users to create a living digital CV and allows companies to advertise opportunities directly to schools and education providers. The new online careers portal, which is aimed at helping employment seekers gain access to job openings and training, has received £275,000 backing in a Development Bank of Wales-led funding round. Other investors are private investor Giles Phelps and Cardiff Council.

Strive Talent, a new startup that’s trying to come up with (arguably) better criteria to determine an applicant’s suitability for a job, has raised $3.8 million in seed funding. With Strive, the model is to make the job market more accessible without the need for a college education. Strive is a competency-based platform based on ability and potential rather than pedigrees. It has outsourced the cognitive assessment component to an undisclosed, Los Angeles-based company, but the interview and other assessments are performed in-house. The goal is to help people get what the company calls “middle-skilled” jobs in sales and customer service. Source: TechCrunch

AI & Machine Learning

Gulfy.com is a new employment app that is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help job seekers find employment in the Gulf Cooperation Council of Arab States. It is considered one of the fastest growing platforms in the region, with over 120,000 users after its launch six months ago. The service uses “bespoke, sophisticated – and closely guarded – machine learning algorithms to filter and rank candidates.” Its goal is to help businesses fulfill most of their recruitment requirements in-house. This will significantly reduce the cost of outside recruitment services, a trend that seems to be emerging as technology advances. Source: JobsPortalWatch

Standards & Best Practices

TAtech announced that Renato Profico, CEO of JobCloud.ch, will be delivering the Opening Keynote at TAtechEurope 2018, the leading conference in Europe for talent acquisition technology companies and their customers. The event will be held in the conference center of Croke Park Stadium, Home of the Gaelic Games, on March 13-14 in Dublin, Ireland. He joins Bogomil Balkansky, Google’s VP of Cloud Recruiting Solutions, who will also be delivering a Keynote at the event. To see the entire Agenda, please click here.

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