TAtech Global News Bulletin: LinkedIn launches 1-Tap Apply, Indeed adds Assessments & Welcome to the Jungle raises money

Peter Weddle

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“You ever read a job post that reads so dry it’s like it came straight out of a company document? So dull that your eyes glaze over and the posting is immediately dismissed from your memory? You definitely have. I know, because I read postings like that everyday, by well-meaning managers, owners and HR newbies, who don’t know the difference between a job description and a job post.

When you’re hustling to fill an open role, copying and pasting existing job descriptions may sound attractive – less work, right? – but it’s a dangerous misunderstanding of what these two things are meant to do, and a waste of your hiring budget. One is a dry, internal document. The other is meant to be eye-catching ad copy. And while the boring document can be used to prepare that far more interesting ad copy, never should the twain really meet.“

Megan Purdy, Workology, May 17, 2018

Movers & Shakers

Chris Billetz has rejoined Nexxt as Director of Agency Relationships. He was one of the first members of the team when the company started back in 1998.

Job Boards, Social Media Sites & Recruitment Advertising

Job.com is ready to rise from the proverbial ashes in its 20th year: the job-matching site, initially American, is coming back as an Asian-based global venture that focuses on using blockchain technology in hopes of becoming the next “Uber” of the industry. In 2017, Job.com was purchased by an English investment company that entrepreneur and recruitment veteran Arran Stewart co-leads; the team he runs has been working to revolutionize the titular site as the company moves its roots and headquarters Singapore. Source: JobsPortalWatch

Looking for a new job? LinkedIn just launched two new features that aim to make the hunt a little easier. A new How You Match feature shows how your education level, skills, years of experience, current job title, and other factors stack up against what employers are after. When viewing a job on LinkedIn, just glance over to the right side of the listing to see a checklist of How You Match. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is also rolling out a 1-Tap Apply feature, which should make it a lot easier to apply for jobs on your mobile device. LinkedIn says it’s seen “massive growth” in mobile adoption over the past few years, and many are browsing for jobs on their phones, but often don’t have their resumes handy on their handsets. The new 1-Tap Apply feature lets you save basic information, including a resume, and apply for jobs with a simple tap. LinkedIn will then send the prospective employer your full LinkedIn profile, email, phone number, and resume. Source: PC Magazine

Monster Government Solutions (MGS), a recruitment and workforce solutions company, announced a new certification to help the company move forward in a new age of regulations. MGS concentrates on offering roads to employment in the public sector, and it is a part of Monster Worldwide, one of the most famous job portals in the world. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) has granted the “Ready” status to MGS’ Monster Hiring Management Enterprise (MHME) Suite. The “Ready” status for the MHME suite proves that Monster’s federal talent acquisition program will soon be receiving a Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO). The Authorization Board (JAB) provides the P-ATO, which means that the company is completely approved by FedRAMP. Source: JobsPortalWatch

Wuzzuf.net, one of the leading job sites in Egypt, has raised a $6 million U.S. in a Series B funding round, which will be used to expand within Egypt and build the team. The funding round was led by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (ERBD), Sweden-based Vostok New Ventures, U.S. firm Endure Capital and UK-based Kingsway Capital. Source: AIM Group

Sourcing, Matching, Assessing, Communicating (SMAC) Technology

The jobs website Indeed.com is rolling out a new platform, called Indeed Assessments, that gives employers a more automated, objective way of evaluating job candidates. The platform leverages technology from the startup Interviewed, which Indeed acquired in 2017. Assessments provides short tests and professional simulations to evaluate how a candidate measures up when it comes to specific skills. The platform includes more than 50 pre-built test modules under the categories of cognitive (such as attention to detail and critical thinking), language, computer skills and job skills (everything from classroom management to mechanical skills). Employers can also build their own custom modules. Source: ZDNet

French startup Welcome to the Jungle is raising a funding round of $8.4 million (€7 million) from XAnge, Bpifrance and Kima Ventures, as well as existing investors Jean-Paul Guisset and Michael Benabou. Welcome to the Jungle is taking a different approach to job recruitment. The startup isn’t going to find employees for you. Instead, Welcome to the Jungle wants to give you the tools and exposure to get enough inbound applications. The company started by profiling hundreds of tech companies in Paris. Instead of creating a giant Excel spreadsheet, Welcome to the Jungle works with a video crew, photographers and a writing staff to produce high quality content about your company. Think about it as glossy paper articles with a Condé Nast-like production budget. All of this is pricey. Companies pay for these profiles and get their own pages on Welcome to the Jungle’s website. In addition to that, Welcome to the Jungle produces quarterly magazines for a hundred universities and a thick paper magazine once per year. Source: TechCrunch

AI & Machine Learning

Sneak Preview: Circa 2118: What Will Humans Do When Machines Take Over due out in July 2018. Evoking the clarion call of the 21st century – if you see something, say something – Peter Weddle has penned a stunningly provocative portrait of the rise of super-C machines in the American workplace. Animated by ultra-intelligent, ultra-intuitive, ultra-empathetic technology, these byte-collar workers will cause near universal unemployment among Americans within the next one hundred years. Weddle, however, doesn’t agree with Hollywood. He acknowledges that the period between now and circa 2118 will test the nation’s character – in fact he calls it a Second Middle Ages – but he believes America will not be dominated by machines, but instead be liberated by them. He argues that super-C machines will free Americans from the handcuffs of paid employment and open the door to a new and profoundly rewarding era – The Neonaissance or The Age of Ennoblement. If today’s American generations – Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials and Gen-Zs – can overcome the societal and cultural challenges of the Second Middle Ages, they will be able to focus on the two things that machines can never learn or acquire – life and a soul. If they can lead America safely through the next one hundred years, they will have created a legacy as the Great Generations that established the world’s first and only noble democracy – the United States of America circa 2118 and beyond.

Industry Standards & Best Practices

Led by Co-Chairs, Thad Price and Richard Collins, TAtech is launching the next phase of the International Working Group on Traffic Quality. Click here to see the Declaration on Traffic Quality produced by the first phase. If you’d like to be a part of this unique group that is setting definitions and standards for online recruitment advertising, please contact Peter Weddle at peterweddle@tatech.org. The Group is open to all publishers worldwide.

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