TAtech Global News Bulletin: LinkedIn & Indeed add new features; Rchilli & Talent Sonar do deals; and KRACK attacks WiFi networks

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“Fake news, fake ads, fake accounts, bots, Russians interfering with our elections … suddenly, people are waking up to the idea that the Internet is a highly chaotic, ungoverned meta-world with practically no regulation. This awakening is long overdue.

The nightmare scenario goes something like this: Congress decides that it is too dangerous for the Internet to be unregulated. Congress knows it can’t control what people say, but it can make sure it knows who is saying it. So the first provisions in the hypothetical Social Media and Search Neutrality Act of 2018 will require all websites visible in the United States to register with the government, obtain a “web license,” and purchase a government-regulated Secure Sockets Layer certificate. These few provisions will radically alter the fabric of the Internet, but the government will not stop there.

In order to ensure that only registered websites are visible, the government will have to regulate search engines and browser software. Search engines (specifically Google) will only be allowed to surface legal websites in search results, and to make doubly sure that everyone complies with the new law, browsers such as Safari, Chrome, IE, etc. will be modified (by law) so they only display legal websites.”
Shelly Palmer, Will Congress Kill Facebook and the Rest of the Internet, October 15, 2017

Job Boards & Social Media Sites

BountyJobs, Inc, provider of a recruiting technology platform for collaboration between employers and search firms, today announced a strategic partnership with global background screening firm, Employment Screening Resources (ESR). This strategic partnership with ESR is part of a BountyJobs pursuit of innovation in Talent Acquisition through the creation of a network of like-minded technology providers; focused on improving the way companies recruit, attract, and retain talent.

Taking a cue from Facebook, earlier this year LinkedIn redesigned its website to make it a bit less confusing and a tad more suitable for social interactions. But it seems Facebook too is paying attention to LinkedIn. The social media giant is currently testing a new Resume / CV feature that lets users share their work experience with their friends. The new addition expands on the standard ‘Work and education’ section, but won’t publicly display all information about your credentials.

Indeed Academy is a completely free program featuring 12 courses that help users unlock the full potential of Indeed’s hiring platform. Via bite-sized video lessons, it teaches best practices, provides data-driven insight and is maximized for your convenience. The courses are available on-demand and are self-paced — so even recruiters with mile-long to-do lists can work through the program on their own schedule, at their own speed.

Sourcing, Matching, Assessing Technology

Rchilli announced today that it is acquiring CandidateZip, a provider of resume/CV parsing and candidate data automation technology. Rchilli helps organizations across the globe capture, manage, enrich and analyze candidate and jobs data through its cloud-based technology and unique integration platform. The acquisition will not affect CandidateZip’s current client relationships, and the company will continue to do business independently under its own brand.

RIVS, the leading provider of interview technology, today announced the acquisition of HireBar. HireBar helps talent acquisition leaders drive consistency and compliance in interviews conducted by their broader teams, through dynamically-built interview guides designed to focus on each organization’s unique values and core competencies. With access to HireBar’s interview guide builder, online feedback forms and video-based interview training, organizations can scale their in-person interview process responsibly, supported by the consistent use of appropriate research-based interview questions.

San Francisco-based Talent Sonar announced its acquisition of San Diego-based Talent Function. Founded in 2014, Talent Sonar’s suite of SaaS hiring decision solutions are engineered to mitigate unconscious bias in the recruiting process. With Talent Sonar, companies can be assured of attracting and hiring the best candidates for every job.

AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Skill shortages are a growing problem for enterprises today, preventing many from adopting new technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence. To address this challenge, a startup called Ascendify Corp. is touting its Intelligent People Management talent acquisition platform as a possible solution. Ascendify’s talent recruitment platform is built on what the company calls an “intelligent data layer” that leverages predictive analytics and augmented decision making to help organizations locate and hire the right staff.

Standards & Best Practices

If you haven’t already heard, a serious vulnerability, dubbed “KRACK” was recently discovered within the current industry standard encryption protocol “WiFi Protected Access II” (WPA2). WPA2 encrypts traffic on all modern Wi-Fi networks, so any device connected to WiFi could be affected. On October 16, 2017, this vulnerability was made public. If exploited, it would allow hackers to decrypt and read WiFi-transmitted network traffic.

What you should do? Among other things:
• Watch for patches and updates to be released by WiFi device manufacturers and vendors in the near future. Install updates for all devices and operating systems as soon as available. All affected personal and enterprise WiFi devices will need to be patched eventually.
• This exploit requires the attacker have access to your wireless network. Organizations will fare better if they’ve architected their critical Wi-Fi networks to limit coverage to intended areas, and followed other Wi-Fi networking best-practices.  Source: SecurityMetrics Blog

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