As a part of its mission to advance the success of both its Members and the entire online talent acquisition technology industry, TAtech conducts surveys each year that explore key issues, trends, developments and opportunities in two important segments of the industry. The Final Reports of this research are provided to all participating organizations that complete a survey questionnaire as well as to TAtech Members at no cost.  The Reports are also made available to the public through the TAtech Bookstore and summaries of their findings are presented at TAtech conferences in both North America and Europe.


The TAtech-DirectEmployers Global Survey of the TA Technology Stack


Today’s employers are building large and complex stacks of technology to improve their recruiting efficiency, timeliness and yield.  From applicant tracking systems to programmatic ad buying applications, from recruitment marketing platforms to chatbots and career sites, from job boards and social media sites to automated interviewing systems and more, companies large and small are increasingly investing in and relying on advanced technology for talent acquisition.


Despite this trend, however, there has been little detailed data collected on exactly what technologies are most prevalent among large, medium and small companies; how those technologies are acquired, implemented and used; and what new technologies are most likely to be added in the next 2-3 years.  As a result, it’s been extremely difficult to determine the current state of the corporate talent acquisition technology stack and what gaps in capability still need to be filled.


To address this problem, TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions and DirectEmployers Association are launching the Global Survey of the Corporate Talent Acquisition Technology Stack, sponsored by PandoLogic.  This annual survey will provide a 360-degree view of the kinds of technologies currently being used by employers, how they are being used, the results of that use and the challenges that must be overcome to optimize those results.


The survey is open to all employers and TA solution providers worldwide.


The TAtech-reThink Data Global Survey of Applicant Tracking System Companies


In today’s overheated talent acquisition market, employer’s technology needs are rapidly evolving to meet new and more demanding candidate expectations and competitive dynamics.  The key to success in such an environment is empirically-based situational awareness. Applicant tracking system companies, no less than every other technology-based solution provider, must stay abreast of these changing customer requirements as well as the business models, technologies and operational practices of other ATS companies.

The TAtech-reThink Data Global Survey of Applicant Tracking System Companies is designed to explore the market strategies, product development plans, current status and outlook at applicant tracking system companies worldwide. It is the only ongoing, annual survey with this focus and collects responses from applicant tracking system companies of all sizes, specializations and degrees of market penetration.

The survey’s goal is to help ATS companies make more informed decisions about their product features and capabilities, market positioning and growth strategies by providing relevant data with which they can benchmark themselves against their peers.  In addition, it helps other talent acquisition solution providers with products that must interoperate with applicant tracking systems to align their designs more effectively with those of ATS companies, both in the present and the future.

The survey is open to all ATS companies worldwide.  Data are submitted anonymously and findings are presented only in the aggregate to ensure total confidentiality for all participating organizations.

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